Halloween Beers

Every year, as with everything else, I like to go that little extra when it comes to getting my halloween beers for all Hallows Eve.

Although I do love my Halloween cocktails, I think it’s important to start with beer to ease yourself in to the alcohol and prevent yourself from having to go to bed before midnight because the room is spinning.

This year, I managed to find a couple of nice Belgian beers, one decent English one, and I even had the pleasure of tasting some Canadian beer, brought over especially.

The Halloween beers contenders

halloween beers

Now, I’ll start with the bad news. The two Begian Halloween beers had some funky writing, and try as I could, I wasn’t able to find out what they were actually called.
Therefore, if you’re interested in trying them, you’ll have to go on the above picture (the middle and far right bottles). EDIT: Thanks to B-Dub for letting us know the name of these. I have amended the rest of the post accordingly

Hellekapelle Artisanal Belgian Blond

The blue/purple one was almost a wheat beer (and could have been, but it was too dark in the room to tell). It was average in strength (about 5%) and was very smooth. Almost fruity.
It was a good place to start.

Dead Guy Ale

Next, we moved onto Rogue Brewery’s Dead Guy ale, a Canadian beverage which was pretty crisp, again average strength, and had a pretty cool corpse looking creature on the bottle.


The red Belgian beer, with a which stirring a cauldron was strong. Around 8% alcohol I believe. However, in true Belgian style you could hardly tell.
It had a slight tang to it, which was the only give away.

Pumpkin Ale

We also had the pleasure of tasting two pumpkin ales, two perfectly themed halloween beers. One of which was from the English Badger brewery, and the other from Canada.
I have to say that the Canadian ale won hands down. It was very fuity, without being too sweet. It also really retained its ‘pumpkin’ flavour, which you would expect, however the Badger ale was pretty disappointing where that was concerned.

The best of the Halloween beers

To conclude, the Great Lakes Pumpkin ale was almost good enough to move to Cananda for. I just hope that I can find somewhere in England that sells this and the other fine foreign Halloween beers next year!

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  1. B-Dub September 26, 2011 at 6:07 am

    The purple one is Hellekapelle Artisanal Belgian Blond;
    the red one is Helleketelbier. Both are from Brouwerij de Bie in Waregem, Belgium.

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