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Halloween Cocktails

Halloweenerrific’s Halloween Cocktails

We love Halloween cocktails here at Halloween-errific. Halloween CocktailsSo much so, that we spend all year searching far and wide for the best cocktail recipes in existence.

Our Halloween cocktail recipes vary from ones that we have found, some that we have found and altered (or mutated, as we like to call it) and the others that we have concocted ourselves using a spooky laboratory and a selection of curious ingredients.

Most importantly, we want you to know how to make halloween cocktails, so we try to make our instructions as clear as possible.

From Halloween punch, to mortifying martini’s, to shocking shooters and terrible tall drinks, you’ll find a great deal of inspiration on our site.

Many of these recipes do contain alcohol, so should only be drunk (responsibly) by those of legal age.
We also have some alcohol free Halloween cocktails in our soft drinks area.

Halloween Cocktails

Alien Brain Hemorrhage

If you’re a regular here on Halloweenerrific, you’ll know that we provide a fair few cocktail recipes. Some of those recipes are for shooters (or shots) and some of those are entirely our own creations (like the Frankenslammer).
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The Friday the 13th Halloween cocktails challenge!

Whilst on the train mulling over some important things such as Halloween and what to do for it, I came up with an amazing idea. Why not come up with a challenge related to the Friday the 13th horror movies? 12 Halloween cocktails, all inspired by that iconic slasher franchise!
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The Frankenslammer (TM) Halloween cocktail

If you have taken an extensive look around the site, you may have noticed that I often like to put in Halloween cocktail recipes up. This is mainly for those of you (of legal drinking age) to enjoy at your Halloween gatherings and basically have fun creating your own alcoholic potions - with a bit of guidance of course. I have many sources for my marvellous recipes, but this latest concoction is 100% original to Halloweenerrific, so you've seen it here first people (hence the trademark).
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Halloween Cocktail Recipes Part 4

This year I have been watching some great programmes on TV which have cocktail recipes. From that, I have noted down ingredients, instructions, and have used personal taste to change certain elements (and improve the taste) in order to put up a great new list of alcoholic Halloween cocktail receipes for you Halloween party goers. Remember, drink responsibly!
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Halloween Cocktails Part 3

You can never get enough Halloween Cocktail recipes... Well, I can't. I hope you're the same. As ever, I have been scouring the web for interesting Halloween cocktails, all to be sampled by myself and my guests at this year's Halloween part!
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Halloween Cocktails suggestions

If you know how to make an awesome Halloween cocktail please get in touch and let us know.

If you’ve had enough of Halloween cocktails, check out our other Halloween drinks