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Halloween Beer

Halloween-errific’s Halloween Beer selection

Halloween beer is an often over-looked elementHalloween Beer of the Halloween gathering.
Beer is one of the most widely consumed alcoholic beverages in the world, and yet when it comes to halloween beer, there is, surprisingly, a lack of it.

If you’ve gone to the extent of making your venue look petrifying, you’ve laid on an impressive spread of spooky snacks, and you’ve even arranged a haunting selection of songs to play, having plain old, regular beer is going to let you down. Your friends probably won’t tell you to your face but in fact, you’ll probably have ruined everything.

So, to save you from that embarrassment, we bring you some tips on where and how to find that illusive halloween brew.

From abhorrent ales to lagers only fit for lunatics, you’ll find it all within our pages.

Halloween Beer

Hammer Horror Beer

Remember that old British horror movie company called Hammer? That became quite legendary and made a tonne of classic films? Well here's two interesting facts about them. 1) They're still going (apparently) and 2) They're going to be launching their own horror inspired beer!
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It's official. Hobgoblin is the unofficial Halloween beer

Yes, you heard right. Wychwood's Hobgoblin beer has officially announced this year that it is to be the unofficial beer of Halloween. Exciting news for any of you that have been eagerly awaiting the results of this curious endorsement. And it's a bold claim. No doubt other beer producers will soon be vying for this Halloween Beer accolade. Perhaps we'll soon get Fosters Pumpkin beer, Stella Satan or other creative incarnations of our daily beers to celebrate this wonderful time of year.
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Halloween beers hitlist

I had an interesting selection of Halloween beers last year, so I'm already thinking about what I will have this time around. There are a lot of spooky, horror themed beers out there that would be perfect. It's just a matter of choosing the right ones. Here's a list of possible contenders for Halloween 2009 (so far).
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Spooky Beer Bottle Labels

Having trouble finding the perfect Halloween themed beer or bottled beverage? Well, why not convert normal beer into spooky beer with some ghastly labels? Lets face it, a lot of beer tastes the same, so why pay more for one just because it has a cool name or picture on it.
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Halloween Beers

Every year, as with everything else, I like to go that little extra when it comes to getting my halloween beers for all Hallows Eve. Although I do love my Halloween cocktails, I think it's important to start with beer to ease yourself in to the alcohol and prevent yourself from having to go to bed before midnight because the room is spinning. This year, I managed to find a couple of nice Belgian beers, one decent English one, and I even had the pleasure of tasting some Canadian beer, brought over especially.
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Halloween Beer suggestions

If you’ve found an excellent Halloween beer that you think we’d like, please let us know.

If you’re tired of Halloween Beer, check out our other Halloween drinks