Hammer Horror Beer

hammer horror beer Remember that old British horror movie company called Hammer? That became quite legendary and made a tonne of classic films?
Well here’s two interesting facts about them. 1) They’re still going (apparently) and 2) They’re going to be launching their own horror inspired beer!

Yes, it’s odd isn’t it? Quite how a film company goes in the direction of beer brewing I’m not sure, but who cares as long as it looks good and tastes good eh?

Unfortunately, it’s still a little early to curse of frankenstein beercomment on either of those things at the moment, as by the looks of their web-site, the Hammer House of Beer isn’t really fully running yet.

However, they do have a lable for their ‘Curse of Frankenstein’ beer  which looks great for two reasons. First off, the label has a creepy Frankenstein’s monster on it and secondly the beer is a Pale ale which is 7% or so alcohol! Pretty strong!
If it tastes good, they could actually be onto a winner. Shame they missed Halloween this year though, I definitely would have tried some…

hammer house of beer

You can find out more by visiting: The Hammer House of Beer

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