The Frankenslammer (TM) Halloween cocktail

halloween cocktail If you have taken an extensive look around the site, you may have noticed that I often like to put in Halloween cocktail recipes up. This is mainly for those of you (of legal drinking age) to enjoy at your Halloween gatherings and basically have fun creating your own alcoholic potions – with a bit of guidance of course.

I have many sources for my marvellous recipes, but this latest concoction is 100% original to Halloweenerrific, so you’ve seen it here first people (hence the trademark).

The inspiration for the Frankenslammer was a delicious new flavour of Innocent smoothy that recently appeared on the shelves of my local supermarket – Kiwis Apples and Limes flavour.
It’s fruity and tangy, and best of all for a Halloween cocktail, it’s green!

Here’s what you’ll need for this unique Halloween slammer…

Halloween cocktail Ingredients

It’ll also help if you have a large shot glass and pourer to make the mixing bit easier.

frankenslammer halloween cocktail


frankenslammer halloween cocktail

  1. First pour in the smoothy, not too much as you want space for everything else.
  2. Next, add the vodka. Depending on the size of the glass and the desired strength you may want to add a lot or a little. Hey, that’s something else that’s great about the Frakenslammer, it’s versatile!
  3. Stick your pourer onto the top of the bottle of grenadine. You want to pour a little amount of it into the glass and the pourer should help it to sink right down to the bottom of the glass. It’s best to pour in the liquid next to the edge of the glass to make it work.
  4. Now it’s time for the blue bit in the middle. After removing the pourer from the top of the grenadine and giving it a rince (unless you have more than one pourer) switch it to the Blue Curacao bottle.
    Pick up a teaspoon and turn it upside down and pour a dash of Blue Curacao onto the top of the upturned spoon. This should ensure that the liquid hangs in the middle of the glass.
frankenslammer halloween cocktail

The end result, a delicious tasting and very cool looking slammer! One hell of a Halloween cocktail or Halloween shot to be more precise!

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