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About Halloween-errific

This site/blog was created by a lover of Halloween, for lovers of Halloween.
That creation was then noticed by some other people with similar interests and now it is a meeting place for cool ideas and seasonal fun.

I personally can’t get enough of this time of year. And although there are now plenty of sites with cool content related to that holiday that I like the most, I wanted to bring all the best bit of information together.

Here you will find links to recipes for cool Halloween food and drinks; links to exciting new Halloween products; and even tutorials to help you make the most of your Halloween equipment, be it costumes, decorations, or props.

It is generally a good place to get ideas for parties, or gatherings of like minded Halloween heads.


The site has been beset by problems. First, evil hackers tried to attack our beloved All Hallows Haven, then just before Halloween 2010, the site went down because of a server issue.
We’ve worked hard to make sure that the site is now more stable than ever, which means that we can concentrate on creating some cool Halloween content!