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Halloween Yankee Candles

So you’ve got your pumpkins carved, decorations hanging, and frightful food all prepped and ready for your guests. As you rack your brain to work out what’s missing you realise that your haunt is distinctly lacking a Halloween odor.

yankee candle halloweenThere are a few different things you could do to tackle this situation, but the easiest way to give your home that seasonal smell is scented candles. And Yankee Candle are the long established market leaders for that domain – particularly when it comes to the festive season and, of course, Halloween.

Halloween Yankee Candles

We’ve used their ‘witches brew’ melts for some years now, but this year Yankee Candle have produced three limited edition scents which smell great, and look pretty awesome too!

So lets start with how they look, because that’s the first thing you notice when you see them.

Yankee Candle are of course famous for placing their wax in large glass jars. But these Halloween flavours come in a black, glass cyllender, topped with a metal cap embossd with a Jack-o-lantern face. This makes them stand out from the Yankee candle range, and also creates a great impact on your shelf or mantlepiece.

The branding is understated and inside the container, if you look close enough you’ll notice that there are words hidden beneath the wax – you’ll have to melt them right down to find out what they are.

yankee candle halloween

Halloween scents

As I mentioned earlier, the candles come in three flavours. Forbidden apple, Witches Brew and Haunted Hollow. Here’s what we thought of each.

Forbidden Apple

Fresh and fruity, this apple scent is the most vibrant of the three with a smell that matches the bright green of the candle itself. However, it’s not to be mistaken for other apple scented candles. Forbidden apple isn’t sickly sweet, but is made more subtle and pleasant by the addition of bergamot, black oak and vanilla.

Witches Brew

Not much is said about the in ingredients of the Witches Brew candle, possibly because it containts eye of newt and wing of bat? But more likely because this mysterious blend of spices creates an unmistakeable aroama that it’s hard to put your finger on, which adds to the fun.
We’ve used this scent for some years now and love the balance of sweetness and autumnal tones.

Haunted Hallow

yankee candle halloweenThis scent is probably the most interesting of the three. Ingredients include, credarwood, incense, pine needle, fir balsam patchouli and golden amber and the end result is a musky atmospheric blend which will conjour images of exploring foggy woodland in your mind.
It’s very pleasant and calming. Probably our favourite of the three!

After having all three burning over the past few weeks (not simultaneously) we can report that each has been a pleasure to live with and all have had compliments from guests.

The only tricky bit is deciding which to use (and where to place them) for All Hallows Eve.

You can buy the Yankee Candle Halloween range from a number of retailers including Amazon and the Yankee Candle store.

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