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Halloween at The Range in 2018

Halloween the range 2018

Last year, The Range was the surprise hit with Halloween fans across the UK.

It seemed that the retailer appeared from nowhere with a really impressive range of exciting new props and decorations. So we were obviously keen to see how they would follow that in 2018.

Thankfully, the Range already has most it its Halloween products up on their site, which you can see here:  The Range Halloween 2018

The Range Halloween 2018

Halloween at the Range in 2018

If you read our article last year or paid The Range a visit you’ll notice that a lot of their products are re-stocks – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing considering how good their stuff is. But for the sake of this article, we thought it would be good to start by taking a look at the brand new stuff that we’re really excited about.

New for Halloween 2018

So looking beyond the awesome pre-existing things like the chained shaking coffin, talking tree head or questionable zimmer frame zombie, there are some very cool new items to add to your collection this year.


These offerings should ‘lighten’ the mood at your haunt. First there’s the illuminated Trick or Treaters sign (£9.99), which is a great way to let you Halloween guests know that you’re open for business on the big night.

The authentic looking black haunted Halloween lantern with candle (£6.99) has a touch of class while the Halloween skull with lantern (£2.99) is hard to refuse at such a low price. Sure, they are small, but perhaps splashing out on a few of them would give you scope to be a bit creative – perhaps lighting a path or hallway? Either way, but of the lanterns would be great items to pick up if you’re hoping to add a bit more atmosphere to your haunt.

Trick or treat sign Halloween haunted lantern skull with lantern


If you’re after some curious props to add to your collection, The Range have a few new intriguing items that will easily find their way into your shopping basket.

The authentic looking horror mirror looks innocent enough until you look closer to find a spooky skeleton with red glowing eyes staring back at you. It’s a decent size too (over 30cm high), and at just £7.99, it’s worth investing in.

The Range has two mysic globes on sale this year, one witches crystal ball that just lights up and another which is favoured by us here at Halloweenerrific – an illuminating sonic magic orb ball decoration (pictured below) which has a more impressive visual effect going on inside the sphere and has the bonus of creepy sounds. Both come in at £9.99, so the dilemma of which to choose will have to be up to you.

If you’ve seen any film with a ouija board in it, there’s usually a scene where the pointer moves on its own and the characters freak out. Now you can recreate that terrifying moment with this animated sonic spirit board (£12.99). It lights up, it makes sounds and, of course, the pointer moves. Don’t have nightmares!

Halloween Horror Mirror Illuminating Sonic Magic Orb Ball Decoration Animated Sonic Spirit Board Halloween Decoration

We almost had a bit of a panic this morning. The first item featured next – the creepy doll/child (£12.99) – caused a bit of a media storm yesterday when there were reports of it scaring customers when on display at one of the high street stores. We feel the reaction of the media was dramatic and hope it doesn’t lead to the product being withdrawn. We particularly like the purple glow that shows through the cracks in its forehead.

The groundbreaker zombie (£28.99) is more like a groundbreaker mummy, in chains, but we won’t hold that against it. It moves, it moans and it has flashing eyes. It even has a cheaper goul twin, it would probably be rude not to buy the pair.

The Halloween animated fortune teller box is a little smaller than we would like, but is still a really fun item that is high on our must have Halloween list for this year. As it tells creepy fortunes and stares into its glowing crystal ball, you can feel comforted in the fact that this showstopper didn’t cost you a fortune, at just £19.99.

zombie ground breaker Fortune teller box

Big props and decorations

If you want to make a major statement this Halloween, The Range also has a heap of big decorations this year to keep you happy. The major issue is, how will you choose between them?

hanging-kicking-clown hanging-star-witch hanging-shaking-goul

Still riding the wave of last year’s hit horror film – IT, this kicking clown (£12.99) will freak out anyone that has a phobia of face paint and red noses. The clown thrashes about as it cackles, dressed in a devlish black and red costume.

Don’t let the pretty stars on the dress of this hanging witch fool you. While you’re being mesmerised by the colours she could be casting all manner of wicked spells on you. It’s just under a meter tall and costs just £10.99.

To complete the trio we have this hairy looking hanging goul who will do a great job of springing to life unexpectedly and scaring your Halloween guests. At 160cm long, he’s the biggest of the three, which helps to explain his £22.99 price tag. He’ll hang anywhere and shake when awoken before begging passers by to let him free.

standing clown standing fortune teller STanding witch

If you want EVEN BIGGER props, look no further than the standing props that The Range have on offer. These three are our favourites of the lot.

The standing clown (£39.99) probably gets the prize for ‘most terrifying product’ of the lot this year. At over 5ft high, you can imagine what it would be like to be confonted by this character in the dead of night. Not only does it move, but it also has 5 petrifying phrases to utter as unsuspecting people pass by.

The standing spooky fortune teller stands even taller than the clown and has the advantage of a glowing crystal ball, glowing eyes and creepy atmospheric sounds to justify her £39.99 price tag.

And who better to serve treats on Halloween night than a full-sized terrifying witch waitress, equipt with ultra-realistic robes and crooked, pointy hat. The hat helps her to tower above her counterparts (and probably your friends and family). Would you dare to take anything from that ominous bowl of tempting candies?!


If life-size figures still don’t cut it, some large inflatable items could help those of you that still have some space to fill.

Inflatable Cemetery Arch Halloween Ghosts in Pumpkin Inflatable

Why not transform the entrace of your humble home into a terrifying gateway to another realm with the inflatable cemetery arch (£59.99) complete with a reaper-esque guardian who can keep an eye on those that approach.

And if you’re after something a little more cost effective (after spending money on ALL those other fun things) the halloween ghosts in pumpkin inflatable is good value at £27.99. A great choice if you want something large that won’t terrify the little ones.


So again we’re really happy with the amount of creative, inspiring things that The Range has made available this year. They have proved that last year wasn’t a one-shot deal and that they have every intention of permanently making their way into our dark, Halloweeny hearts.


Here’s a video what we saw at our local store. You can see more on our our Youtube Channel.

Share your thoughts on the products below. Better still, let us know what they’re like if you buy any of them. And if you want to continue the conversation on Facebook, visit:

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  1. Sue ~ The Witch at OneandSeventy September 15, 2018 at 9:06 am

    The Range smashed it out of the Park this year. The media and the anti-anything brigade need to chill. Honestly, Halloween is just starting to return to the UK, we don’t want it being squashed before it’s even rediscovered its roots! Now…why didn’t I see that creepy doll before? Pops off to The Range for a closer look.

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