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Woolworths. Back from the dead?

Woolworths. Back from the dead?

Woolworths was always a good place to go to get nice Halloween bits and pieces. They were generally cheap, had a lot of stock, and their strong points were kids costumes and creepy sweets. But as we’re all aware (in [...]

October 5, 2009 Halloween Suppliers


In my search for Halloween supplies, I have found numerous web-sites. The best are usually US based, which isn’t much good if you live in the UK (sorry, I won’t keep going on about this, honest). However, over the past [...]

November 18, 2008 Halloween Costumes, Halloween Suppliers


Year after year, I return to Asda for my Halloween goodies. Because this supermarket is owned by the American giant, Wal-Mart, they always stock a lot of stuff, and most of it is pretty good quality when compared to the [...]

November 14, 2008 Halloween Suppliers