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Horror Movies and Halloween

Horror movies and Halloween go together like witches and broomsticks. It’s no wonder then that many of us choose to stay in on Halloween and settle down in front of a scary movie or two. But how do you choose [...]

October 10, 2014 Halloween Events, Halloween Ideas

Dinner and a Scary Movie

Meza in Soho, London are putting on (or have put on) a nice little string of events at their elegant little restaurant. In the run up to Halloween, they have been offering dinner and a horror film to anyone that [...]

October 26, 2009 Halloween Events

Horror Movies for the Big Night

My habits over the Halloween period have changed over the years. When I was very young, I attended house parties. As I matured, I was deemed safe to walk the streets and ‘trick or treat’ with older kids. Soon I [...]

September 6, 2009 Halloween Events