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3 Ways to Use Your Leftover Pumpkin this Halloween

Pumpkins. It’s hard to imagine Halloween without them now isn’t it? They may not have always been part of the Halloween tradition, but boy to they look great and taste good! [...]

October 5, 2015 Halloween Food
halloween whoopies

Pumpkin Halloween Whoopies Recipe

I have a feeling that this year is going to be all about the whoopie so here is a quick recipe for pumpkin Halloween whoopies, along with a bit of history about the delicious treat too. What is a whoopie [...]

October 6, 2011 Halloween Food

Halloween attire.

Want something cool and original to wear for Halloween? Perhaps you’re going to a party and want something casual, yet different. Or maybe you’re going trick or treating and you want something funky to wear? Check out our own range [...]

October 9, 2009 Halloween Decorations
halloween pumpkin cookies

Sweet Pumpkin Cookies

And so the pumpkin versus turnip argument rages on (on Halloweenerrific at least). One thing’s for sure though, one thing working in pumpkin’s favour is the vast number of recipes that you can find online. I found a great book [...]

October 1, 2009 Halloween Food
pumpkin carving

The fine art of Pumpkin Carving

Nowadays, you really can’t have a good Halloween, without a good pumpkin. Actually, let me correct that. You can’t have a good Halloween without a good carved vegetable (swedes being a popular choice up north). Whatever your choice of vegetable, [...]

September 18, 2009 Halloween Decorations