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Sainsbury’s Halloween stuff.

sainsburys Well, I wasn’t too impressed by what the local Sainsbury’s had on offer.

It looked as if their stock had already sold out with the shelves looking very sparse.
Surely there hasn’t been a mad rush for Halloween wares this long before the special day?

I did feel duty bound to buy something, so I got a nice rubber ice tray which will make ghost shaped cubes.17092009623

I was thinking that it would look cool if I could come up with a nice chocolatey cocktail, something milky and dark (maybe with some added alcohol) and then use the tray to make ‘milk cubes’, so that the ice will actually look like little ghosts… Would look pretty cool.

The rest of the stock was pretty uninspiring. The only other thing that tempted me was the Halloween Mr Pumpkin Head (trick or tater). But after a bit of thought, I realised that I was now just considering buying stuff for the sake of it.

potato head

I wonder what Morrison’s has in…


Update 20th September

I popped back in to Sainsbury’s last night and saw that they did in fact have a lot more stuff. It was only a quick visit, but I was impressed with a couple of decorations that used fibre-optics. Looked pretty cool. I’ll have to have another look when I get time.

The second visit was much better.

The second visit was much better.

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