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Asda Halloween count-down.

You can see our latest news on Asda Halloween products here:

Sneak preview of Asda Halloween stock 2011

I just checked the Halloween countdown on the front page and there’s only 46 days left. Just 46 days until Halloween 2009!
As you may already know, one of my favourite places to buy Halloween goodies is Asda, as they are part of Walmart and always have waaaaaaaaaay more cool Halloween goodies than any other supermarket.

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People in the know when it comes to Asda Halloween stuff (and people who really care about that sort of thing) are always eager to find out when the stock will arrive. They are honest. I found a forum post all about it the other day.

Anyway, I can confirm, that in my local branch at least, the Halloween stock will be arriving at Asda this weekend (19th Sep). So I’m going to get down there nice and early to check it out!
Fingers crossed they’ll have something really cool like the bubble fogger. I’m could still be tempted by last years offering of a frankie inflatable archway, shoudl they stock it again!

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Mr Halloween is the founder of Halloweenerrific. He lives for Halloween and pretty much spends the whole year in a perpetual Halloween, preparing for that all important night when everyone else celebrates it too. He loves cobwebs, skeletons and UV lights. He hates cheap, poorly made Halloween products.

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  1. Lucretia Asda March 9, 2012 at 11:11 pm

    The name LUCRETIA ASDA was the name of the Mum in 2007 “asda family” Halloween display at asda. ( of corse )
    Her husband is Aubrey Asda
    Her daughter is Morbida Asda
    Her son is Osbert Asda
    I think she has a pet called Ozzy, he/she ( prop a boy ) looks like a lizard type thing with a lions main. Well I love this family and if u find out any info about them tell me.

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