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We have mentioned before how much we like LEGO at halloween-errific.lego monster fighters
Since our last post about horror inspired minifigures, we have been busy collecting any LEGO with a spooky or Halloween theme.

So you can imagine how excited we were when the LEGO Monster Fighters were introduced!
If you haven’t yet seen them advertised, the Monster Fighters are a group of little lego heroes with cool vehicles and weapons who are setting out to put an end to the evil wrongdoing of a pair of vampires and their monster friends.

The Monster Fighters must retrieve some mystical gems lego monster fighters werewolfto save the world from the clutches of The Swamp Creature, The Werewolf, The Mummy, The Zombie and the Frankenstein style monster.

The play sets are awesome, with fast cars, spring loaded trees a giant castle and even a haunted ghost train. Although they might be a little difficult for the younger children to construct, they should be straight forward enough for any older kids, particularly if they have experience with the Harry Potter LEGO.
And who’s to say that Mum and Dad can’t join in with the fun?

The sets also vary in price with the Swamp Creature being one of the most affordable and the Vampire Castle coming in at around £70-80. It’s a lot of money but you do get an awesome, exciting castle and plenty of minifigures in return.

It’s often hard to get across in words just how fun (and creepy) these LEGO sets can be, so we got the latest (and smallest) member of the team ti do a short video review and give you a better idea of what you can expect.
Take a look…

LEGO Monster Fighters review

The Werewolf set (tested in our review) is particularly cool as the tree features a Werewolf launch pad. Gone are the days when LEGO just sat there. The Monster Fighters sets are full of secret compartments and push button surprises.

lego monster fighters swamp creature

So if you or your kids are looking for some spooky fun as the nights draw in, the LEGO Monster Fighters play sets will not disappoint.
You could also use them for a cool Halloween display or even integrate them into a centerpiece, or maybe use them as cake decorations (although you’ll obviously need to remove them before you eat it).

And if you fancy your chances to win a Monster Fighters Vampire Hearse, we have an excellent competition for you, thanks to LEGO.

LEGO Monster Fighters competition

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