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Mr Halloween April 16, 2010 Halloween Props No Comments on Flesh-eaters!

flesh eaters So, you’re not sure what to wear for a Halloween party. And you don’t really want to have to wear make-up, plastic fangs, or have a restricting mask on all night.
Well, I may have found something small, more subtle and down right more convinient for you to wear. are selling these cool ‘Flesh Eaters’ which basically attach to you using a chain, and can be hung (or worn) around your waist or neck, giving the impression that you are being attacked by a critter.

They come in three varieties, alien, demon and goblin (which looks a lot like a Gremlin, which is pretty cool).
Okay, they are a bit pricey at around $150, but they look like they’re of high quality, and if you’re not wearing it, you could always use it as a room prop. I can see it being the sort of thing that you could use every year.

Plus, they’re more economical than real demons/goblins, as you don’t have to provide them with the usual sacrifices and living meals.

There’s even a video with a guy demonstrating it (in a pretty over dramatic way!).

Another bonus is that if you don’t get any interest from the opposite sex all night, you’ll have a grisly dance parter by your side all night long! 🙂

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