Big, Scary Halloween Props

As the comments on our recent Asda Halloween post have shown, there is a big demand for big, scary Halloween props.

We’re talking about the life sized witches and creepy figures that make sounds and even move.
Yes, they’re expensive, but they really do make a huge impact at any Halloween event, whether you’re just placing one in front of your home for the trick or treaters or you’re having one hold a platter of spooky snacks for your guests.

As many of our favourite Halloween stores and suppliers have been a little lackluster where life sized props are concerned, we thought it would be a great idea to track down some of the scariest Halloween props available.

big scary halloween props

Scary Halloween Props

Pestilence Smoldering Reaper Prop

If you really want to terrify your guests this Halloween, you can’t go far wrong with this 6 ft tall, life-sized prop.
Dressed in rags, is activated by motion, so if someone passes by it without noticing, they’re likely to get a big shock.
Once in action, Pestilence talks in his creepy tones while his head moves side to side. If that wasn’t enough, his eyes and ribcage are also illuminated by an ominous green light.
For extra effect you can even add a smoke machine which really does amplify the terror. (as seen in the video below).

The Pestilence Smoldering Reaper Prop is available from Spirit Halloween among other places for around $199 (they also ship to the UK):
Pestilence Smoldering Reaper Prop

Gaseous Zombie Animated Fog Creature

If you liked the idea of a prop that looks great when surrounded by a mist, then a fog creature like this will also appeal to you.
This repulsively realistic looking zombie – well, top half of a zombie – is custom made to sit on top of a fog machine. The fog is then fed through the figure and is emitted from its rotten looking mouth as the head moves from side to side.
Without the fog, it would be a great looking prop but the added smoke factor really does make it even more scary, as you can see in this video.

The Gaseous Zombie Animated Fog Creature is also available from Spirit Halloween and at present costs less than $60!:
Gaseous Zombie Animated Fog Creature

Animated Kneeling Geist Girl

Next we have a particularly disturbing discovery. It was flagged by one of our readers as one to watch and watch it you should, as long as you don’t mind having nightmares afterwards.

The Animated Kneeling Geist Girl sits innocently in a room just waiting… Waiting for someone to be unfortunate enough to activate it with a noise or movement.
Looking like a sad little girl from behind, anyone with an ounce of compassion would go and check to make sure that ‘she’s okay’ only to have her head turn 180 degrees to reveal a skull face with flashing eyes. To make matters worse, she laughs and taunts you for being so foolish as to approach her.

Watch the video (if you dare).

The Animated Kneeling Geist Girl is available from Amazon:
Animated Kneeling Geist Girl

Jason Voorhees life-size Prop

Jason Voorhees life size prop
Perhaps you don’t want something noisy that’s motion activated and has flashing lights. Maybe you want something big and quiet that will still do a great job at terrifying you guests.
If that is the case then this life size Jason Voorhees prop could be just what you’re looking for.

Based on the blood-thirsty psychopath from the Friday the 13th films, Jason has transformed the hockey mask from a practical safety device to an intimidating tool of terror.
Weilding his favourite weapon of choice – a machete – this Jason Voorhees prop is incredibly realistic from his tattered clothes to his wonky murderous eyes.

The Jason Voorhees life-size Prop is available from Escapade:
Jason Voorhees life-size Prop

Guardian of the Grave

A gravestone is always a good prop to have in any halloween scene. They can look spookily authentic in the garden and instantly make visitors feel uneasy.
But imagine how uneasy they’ll feel when they meet the Guardian of the Grave.
Yeah, it looks like a regular decorative Halloween grave, but when activated by sound (or a timer) a hideous, skull faced, cowl covered creature emerges from behind it with eyes flashing and hideous noises emanating.
There’s even the ability to attach it to your fog machine, should you have one – just like some of the other props we mentioned earlier.
He’ll be sure to chill your guests.

See him in action here:

The Guardian of the Grave prop is available from Silly Joke:
Guardian of the Grave

So that should help you make some more informed decisions when looking for a particularly scary Halloween prop this year. Be sure to let us know if you find anything terrifying!

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  1. malcolm October 12, 2012 at 6:26 pm

    I found spirit Halloween expensive for UK shipping they use a handling company so extra cost is added

    Halloween asylum have been a lot cheaper for shipping

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