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Atmospheric Halloween Music Courtesy of Sam Haynes

Halloween musicFinding the perfect music for your Halloween celebration is harder than you might first think.

We at Halloweenerrific talk a lot about lights and decorations, but how your place sounds at this spine tingling time of year can be equally as important.

From adding extra atmosphere to your haunted mansion for the night through to which Halloween themed tunes you’re going to spin to get your guests up and dancing, finding halloween music isn’t always easy. Simple.

Atmospheric Halloween Music

As far as the finding some background music to really make your Halloween venue sound the part I’ve always had trouble. Sure, you can pay for CD’s that offer ‘spooky sounds’ but often they sound like a disjointed mixture of stock sound effects from old cartoons.
For ages I’ve searched for some modern, well produced music that gives a subtle, chilling atmosphere without being too overbearing or cheesy. And now it would seem that I may have finally found some, courtesy of a man named Sam Haynes.

Sam Haynes – Welcome to the Horror Show

Mr Haynes writes music specifically for halloween and creating a creepy Sam Haynes Welcome to the horror show Halloween musicatmosphere and his music has featured on several DVD’s for paranormal groups, news reports for local TV and has received plays on Halloween Radio and podcasts around the world.

Welcome to the Horror Show is Sam’s second album and it’s a collection of tracks that were created to be used in Halloween haunts and on horror movie soundtracks – making them perfect to use at your Halloween party. Best of all, the album features 16 pieces and two remixes, so you get a whole lot of atmosphere for your money, which is important as you don’t want to be hearing the same songs looping too frequenty when you’re trying to keep things mysterious and unpredictable.

Same Haynes reportedly takes influence from 70’s, 80’s and 90’s horror soundtracks and seeing as how much we love horror films, we thought it would be great to have a quick chat with the man himself to find out more about this impressive album.

How did this whole thing (making Halloween themed music) start?

The first record my parents bought me was monster mash by Bobby Pickett and I played the heck out of it, which must have drove my mum and dad crazy!
As far back as I remember I always loved horror and halloween themed stuff. In my early 20s I started Djing and made my own mashups to play as part of my sets. I got involved in a mashup group on the internet in 2003 and started putting together their yearly halloween collection, imaginitively titled ‘Monster Mashup’ which was really successful and gained a small cult following.
I always really felt that, whilst I loved mashups, it would be great to write original music that sounded like the music I loved from the horror films – mostly John Carpenter soundtracks. A huge inspiration for me was the Halloween III soundtrack and The Fog, both composed by Carpenter. I wanted to make music with that same atmosphere but with modern electro beats and basslines.

I love Carpenter too so can totally see where you’re coming from there.
What is it about Halloween that you find so inspirational?

Its the most creative time of year for a lot of people. Sam Haynes Halloween Carnival Halloween musicEach year millions of people come up with new ideas to celebrate the holiday, its really interesting to see the huge effort people put into decorating their homes, especially in the US. I am really pleased to see it is catching on more and more in the UK. Each year I really look forward to seeing what new stuff the stores have in, especially ASDA!
I also just love the atmosphere of this time of year and being creeped out. Its the same with the music, there are no limitations on what I can do, whether it’s a 60’s sounding organ piece or a dubstep track.

So how does your music get used?

The main use for my music is for a soundtrack to a haunted house, walkthrough or party. I read an interview with Midnight Syndicate recently who said one of their albums was music from an imaginary horror movie. That sums up the my music too, each song is written to sound like a certain halloween themed image.
This year the music has really found an audience and is being used in horror movies and as the soundtrack to halloween events in the UK and USA. Its great to think that on halloween night people will be listening to the music I made.

And how will you be spending your Halloween this year?

I have a lot of UK haunts planned, Scaresville in suffolk which is great fun and really well done each year, Hylands House in Chelmsford, Thorpe Park, Pleasurewood Chills in Norfolk looks amazing this year too. On halloween night it will be back home for horror films and trick or treaters. There is so much going on this year that I’m still finding things that I would love to do!

What’s next for Sam Haynes?

I am planning to start recording the next album in the leadup to christmas, which I am looking forward to. The second CD is much darker and more atmospheric than the first, which was not planned so it will be interesting to see what direction the music goes in for the third one. I won’t really know until I get back in the studio and start experimenting, but I am hoping I get a theramin for christmas this year!

You can listen to and buy the album right now on Sam’s site:

Win Sam Haynes Halloween Music

It’s so nice to meet a guy that’s so passionate about his art and also Halloween. And not only that, but Sam Haynes is also a generous chap, offering to give a copy of his lastest album (via download) to 5 lucky Halloweenerrific readers.

For your chance to win, just answer the following question using the form below it.

What is the name of Sam Haynes’ second (and latest) album?

A) Welcome to the Horror Show
B) Welcome to the Truman Show
C) Welcome to My House

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More information

If you want to find out more about Sam Haynes, his music and how to buy it, just check out the following links:
Sam Haynes on Facebook

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