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Halloween: A Quintessential British Guide to Treats and Frights Coming soon!

halloween book It’s not often that we at Halloweenerrific get excited about a book. I mean, who has time to read when you have all of those decorations to make, cool costumes to buy and food to prepare, right?

But even though this is the case, and even though we’re only at the very dawn of 2011, we have been told about a book that will be out this year which looks to bring together lots of things that Halloweenerrific cares passionately about. 1. Halloween and 2. The British side of it all.

One of the authors got in touch to give us a little heads-up and it really wets the appetite. According to Mark Doody, the primary objective of halloween bookthe book is to ‘reclaim Halloween’, to bring it back home, to make it a recognised British festival once more. A great idea I reckon.
Not that we’re not willing to share it with our American friends of course, but it would be nice to give it a certain element of Britishness so as to differentiate it from the often all too commercial US Halloween.

Along with providing a load of information on the origins of Halloween, the book will also provide party ideas, decorations, and recipes, all with nice clear instructions. Essentially, it looks to be a great all-round guide to Halloween in Britain.
You can never have too many Halloween ideas as far as we’re concerned and I for one can’t wait to dig in!

You can expect to hear lots more from us about the book nearer its release. In the meantime, why not entertain yourself with some related links from the guys responsible for it?

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