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Cute Zombie Craft Sets

If you’ve been searching tirelessly for a cute zombie toy to cuddle up to at night, then you’ve obviously missed the Gorgeously Gruesome Zombies Craft Box Set.

What can be more warming and gratifying than Gorgeously Gruesome Zombies Craft Box Set cute zombiecuddling a doll that could well give small children nightmares? Making it YOURSELF is what.
Yes, in a Frankenstein-esque fashion, this book gives you advice on how to use your own two hands to make a faux member of the undead. And it doesn’t stop there, it gives you instructions on how to make different types of zombie, depending on how you’re feeling at the time.

Gorgeously Gruesome Zombies Craft Box Set

The set comes with some supplies to get you started and (with the help of your local craft shop) you’ll soon be well on your way to building a zombie army albeit one make of felt and buttons.
And when you tire (if that’s possible) of exploring the endless avenues that cute zombie crafts hold for you there’s the…

Dastardly Delightful Monsters Craft Box Set

Dastardly Delightful Monsters Craft Box SetYes, when you’re all zombied out you can turn to regular monsters for your next challenge. This time things get a little furrier and cuter (depending on your persuasion) as you use the book, materials and your own imagination to sew together something hideous.

Both sets provide you with a great excuse to get more crafty in the run up to Halloween and depending on how much time you have, they could even become part of a big home made display, incorporating your skilled workmanship with your other decorations to me it your own. They would also make a great Halloween gift. And at a reasonable price too.

Both the Gorgeously Gruesome Zombies and Dastardly Delightful Monsters can be boought from Amazon:

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