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Vampire kittens flash game

vampire kitten Everyone loves kittens right? Those cute little bundles of loveliness that play so joyously and provide us humans with lots of entertainment.
Even more entertaining though, is the idea that they might somehow become a vampire kitten, and then we can kick them about the place, not caring about how cute they are.

Vampire Kittens is a flash game on the E4 web-site, the object of which is quite simple. Kick your blood sucking kitten as far as you can to get the most points.
To start, you control the power that the dismembered leg puts into the punt, (hopefully) sending the long toothed kitten high into the sky.
Unfortunately for the kitten, they don’t have the ability to fly (most vampires do) but they are vulnerable to all kinds of vampire attack, such as stake through the heart and garlic, which is a bit unfair on animal.

You can boost or slow the progress of the flying feline as it bounces along. And there are bonuses that can also speed up or slow down your progress.
Shame there isn’t an actual leaderboard – I was quite good. Still, good fun!

Have a go yourself: Vampire Kitten

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