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More Great Halloween Flash Games!

pumpkin heads What are you doing right now? Right at this moment? Because if it isn’t related to Halloween in any way, you need to stop that and do something more important.
As I write this, the Halloween countdown in the side-bar is saying that we only have 11 hours to go. So if you aren’t too busy getting your party prepared, or buying pumpkins to carve, then you should take some time out with some Halloween games.

mouse of the dead Mouse of the dead

This game is very slick. Somehow they manage to mix real-time video with funky cartoon graphics to create a really abosrbing shoot-em-up game.mouse of the dead 2
You control this hero mouse thing, and you basically go around shooting the zombie mice, bats and anything else that looks nasty. There are lots of cool weapons to pick up, and you get a great deal of satisfaction from blowing all of those nasty little baddies away.
It is kind of hard, but the controls are simple, just point and shoot!

Mouse of the Dead

zombies 1 More Zombies

Zombies love to eat brains. We all know that. But did you know that they also like hot dogs? Well, they do. In More Zombies, you play as zombies2a hot dog stall owner who has to fight to protect his beloved sausages from being destroyed by waves of the undead.
You have a load of weapons to choose from, and have the ability to switch between melee weapons and ones that shoot. You also have full control over the movement of your character as he has to protect his stall from all angles – which makes it quite a challenge.
There’s lots of gore, explosions and heavy guitar music to enjoy, so what are you waiting for? Get stuck in!

More Zombies

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