Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab

We at Halloween-errific are always on the look out for the latest frightful things and that includes toys.
And it was when one of us was visiting a toy shop some weeks ago that we noticed something particularly horrible (in a good way) – The Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab.

We were immediately interested in it, wondering what fun it would be to bring it out on an autumn evening or even a Halloween party. We had to get our hands on one. Thankfully we did!

Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab

The Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab is basically a (plastic) zombie’s doctor dreadful zombie labhead that is filled with a number of compartments that can be used to conduct devious experiments that you can eat.

The lab itself is very easy to construct, which is great given that it is aimed at children aged 5 and up. Often, they make these toys too difficult for the kids to put together but in this instance, minimal adult supervision is required.

Once built, the cleverly constructed head can be used for three gross experiments. Here they are in order of what we enjoyed most:

Bubbling brains

By mixing some water with some brain mixture in a special reservoir at the top of the zombie’s head (the top if its brain) a reaction takes place making a pink, frothy ooze that bubbles over (best to have the lab on an easily cleanable surface at the time).
These brains are then of course edible and make a yummy sweet treat, if you can get over the idea of eating zombie’s brains.

Zombie barf

The brain serves a second purpose as a reservoir, so once you have eaten all those scrumptious brains, you can remove the brain and fill it with the barf/vomit mixture. After a bit of stirring and shaking, the brain is placed back in the cranium and can be pushed down to release the ominous looking barf into a cup beneath the mouth. This can then be chugged back to the disgust of anyone watching you.

Zombie bug experiment

The fun doesn’t end there though, as there are also two bug moulds built into the zombie’s head.
After creating a jelly mixture you can use a syringe to inject the moulds (one in the zombie’s eye and the other in his forehead). After placing the moulds in a fridge for a short amount of time, you get your very own bug shaped jelly sweets to devour.

The Taste Test

So do these horrible looking things taste good? doctor dreadful zombie labSurprisingly they do! As long as you have a sweet tooth of course. And as kids are generally less squeamish, they’ll have no issues with eating these zombie snacks.

Best of all, the lab comes with a good amount of the special ingredients (enough to conduct 40 experiments) so there’s plenty for everyone. The zombie head also looks great, so when not in use, it could take pride of place on any budding Frankenstein’s shelf.

Because of the way that it looks and the fun that can be had, it makes an ideal Halloween party activity and or prop. After the kids have spent their afternoon experimenting, you can place the zombie on your mantlepiece to keep an eye on the evening’s proceedings. You could even probably use it as a creepy drinks dispenser. Who wouldn’t want to have their drink poured from a zombie’s mouth?

Other Experiments

The fun doesn’t end there though as there are other equally horrible Doctor Dreadful products to try which can all be connected to the zombie head to create one huge, hideous laboratory.

The Stomach Churner

doctor dreadful stomach churner
After assembling some authentic looking test tubes and tubing, two menacing mixtures can be pumped into a stomach shaped chamber where they combine to make a putrid looking broth. This can then be poured and sipped. It’s surprisingly delicious.

Snot Shots

After making a snot mixture, a syringe is used to pump the ooze through a nose shaped nozzle, directly into your (or someone else’s) mouth. Eating mucus has never been so desirable.

Bug lab

doctor dreadful  bug lab
Similar to the bugs in the zombie lab, this experiment involves a large bug mould that can be filled with a jelly mixture and then spun to create (after some refrigeration time) giant squishy, yummy, gummi bugs.

If your children are interested in science or like the idea of making their own disgusting looking snacks, they’ll love these Doctor Dreadful products.
They’re ideal for any halloween event and are likely to keep the little ones occupied for a long while as they dare each other to try each curious concoction.

You can find Doctor Dreadful products at all good toy shops, including Amazon:

Buy Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab

And you can see the Zombie Lab in action here:

Win Doctor Dreadful Goodies!

But if you fancy getting your hands on some of these experiments for free, why not enter our excellent Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab competition?

Doctor Dreadful Competition

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