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Cool Zombie Flash Games.

I thought that it would be good to have some links to good Halloween themed games on the site.
In the past, I have had to search for ages just to find a game that’s spooky enough to get me even more excited about the impending arrival of All Hallowes Eve.

So, what better way to start, but with a game that is actually called ‘All Hallows Eve?!

All Hallows Eve

Initially, this game might not look so great, as it’s pretty old, but bear with me people, it’s all part of a gaming evolution.

The game was made in 2004, and initially, you will not be impressed. The title screen does little to entice you in.
However, once playing, you get hooked very quickly.

The objective is simple, protect your home from the approaching zombies using your trusty gun. If you let them break down your barricades, your brains are breakfast.

I think it’s the simplicity that I like about this game. On closer analysis, the graphics are pretty impressive, in a cute kind of way. The animation is excellent as you can aim for the torso, limbs or head shots. And best of all are the sound effects. When the bullets hit, you feel satisfied. Perhaps worryingly so. And the moans of ‘brains’ and ‘hungry’ really add to the atmosphere.

At the end of each level, you can add to your arsenal and build up your defenses as the zombies get progressively bigger and badder.

The game is a little gory, but not disturbing.

Check it out here: All Hallows Eve.

The Last Stand

Next up, is a game which I feel must have been inspired in some part, by All Hallows Eve.

The Last Stand grabs you from the off. The intro graphics and music are ominous and are reminiscent of the ‘Living Dead’ films.

And the game doesn’t take any prisoners either. The zombies are tough. They take lots more shots to bring down, and head shots are relatively hard to come by. There are numerous zombies from all walks of life, from fat people to clergymen.
And there are even runners, the odd zombie that sprints to your barricade. Add to this zombie-dogs, and you will soon see how there’s no time to relax whilst playing this one.

The graphics are still ‘cartoon’ but are more realistic. And this time, the perspective is side scrolling, so you get to move your character about more.

Dont just stand there! SHOOT!

Don't just stand there! SHOOT!

At the end of each round you can search for things to help you survive. In addition to fire-arms, and repairs, you can also search for other survivors and once on board, they help you to defend your area. Until of course, the barricade comes down, and they flee.

Eventually, the game gets really hard, as you have zombie soldiers with bullet proof vests and helmets coming for you.
However, give it time, and this game will really suck you in (and suck out your brains!).

Pretty hardcore, not for kids or wimps!

Good luck! The Last Stand

The Last Stand 2

Okay, as if the first one wasn’t scary enough, this installment is a big improvement on its predecessor.
Taking up from the end of episode 1 when you killed all of the zombies and escaped… You did complete episode 1 didn’t you?
Anyway, your escape helecopter goes down and you end up right in the thick of it all again.

The intro screen looks kind of similar, and the concept is pretty much the same, but don’t be fooled into thinking that this one will be any easier.

They manage to improve lots of little things. One of my favourites, it the ability to assign your survivor buddies (when you find them) with different guns.
So, rather than having to put up with their lame pistols, why not share your uzi or shot gun with them?

Also, to add to the pressure and suspense, you’re working against the clock this time.
Just killing the zombies isn’t good enough. This time you have to find food supplies (between rounds) to keep moving accross the map. There’s a ferry that’s waiting to take you to freedom accross the zombie filled landscape. But if you miss it, you’re as good as dead.

The graphics are improved and there are more cool weapons. But the zombies are faster, and you’re thrown straight into things with dogs and running zombies everywhere.
Definitely the best of this bunch, but make sure that you’ve played the others first. They provide you with the vital training needed for the endless onslaught that you experience here!

Could give you nightmares and/or mental issues.

Play if you dare! The Last Stand 2

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