5 Halloween Party Games

Halloween party games Doughnut bobbing Some of us like to trick or treat, some of us watch scary movies, some of us want to dance, and some of us like to incorporate a bit of party fun. And for those people Halloween Party Games are a great idea.

Although kids love party games, most of them are equally as fun for adults (if you add in forfeits and such).

Some of the halloween games listed are classics (which you should probably know already) and others put a spooky twist on other normal party games. Whichever you go for, you’re guaranteed a good time.

Halloween Party Games

Apple bobbing

The ultimate in Halloween party games and probably the simplest. You take a large tank, or bucket of water, drop in some apples, and Apple-Bobbing_jpgthen encourage people to get them back out, using only their mouths.

To prevent cheating, it’s advisable to make everyone hold their hands behind their back, although this can also increase the risk of loss of balance, and as a result, inhalation of water.

For some, just the excitement of winning an apple is reward enough (if they really like fruit), but if that isn’t motivating your guests, you could have a special prize for the person who grabs their apple first. Or perhaps a forfeit for the last person to successfully fish one out.

Doughnut bobbing

doughnutThis game seems to have been forgotten a bit. Although I have clear memories of playing it when I was a kid, none of my friends do. Luckily the internet has information confirming my sanity. Yes people DO still play it! And why not, it’s arguably one of the most delicious Halloween party games of all!

Again, it’s simple, but one of the more traditional games. Hang up some ring doughnuts on string, a good distance from the floor, then encourage people to have a go at eating them without using their hands.

As with the apples, you can add different factors to increase the tension. It would probably also be quite fun to use a blindfold for this one. However, you would have to be careful that the doughnuts aren’t too close together to avoid any head-butting incidents.

There is a lot of potential for messy faces depending on what type of doughnut that you use, so it’s good fun.

Pin the bones on the skeleton

Taking the idea from the age old favourite – Pin the tail on the donkey, comes this fun little idea. Find a decent sized cartoon skeletonskeleton (either buy one of those cardboard ones in the shop, or print something out) and dis-assemble it.

Then, put the central part (ribcage, spine, pelvis) on a wall, and get your guests to don blidfolds before trying to pin/stick the different parts into the right places.

It can be a team event as you can have people trying to give good/bad advice from the sidelines, and as always you could add more of an element of competition to it buy say, having two skeletons, and two teams – racing to get theirs completed first.

Pretty simple to set up once you have found your skeleton, but best for bigger groups.

Guess what it is

eyeballs2Another old favourite. I wasn’t really sure what the official name is for it, so I made one up.

The object of the game, to put your hands into various boxes and guess what’s in them. The main object of the game is to make the contestants dread putting their hands in as the box could contain eyeballs (maybe grapes or lychees), brains (maybe Jelly) and any other creepy crawlies or nasty little things that you could fake to make them shriek.

You can really let your imagination go wild with this. It’s best to make the whole room containing the boxes extra spooky and build the tension for the players by giving them a bit of background info before they put their hands in: ‘watch out it doesn’t bite!’ etc.

You could even have a final box with a cut out section, into which you could slip your hand, so when they put their hands in, you could grab them back. That one will need a bit of clever slight of hand on your part. Of course an extra dark room for even blindfolds for the participants would make it easier.

You can get some ideas of other bits to use in this site’s version: Hal O’Ween Game

Create a ghost story

This is definitely one for the younger Halloweeners. torch
You know that game where you start a story, and then move around a circle and the next person has to continue it? It usually ends up pretty weird and funny.
So just imagine how great a ghost story would be if you gave it the same treatment.
Get everyone to sit in a circle, with the lights down and pass around the torch so that they can add their paragraph to the tale.
It might not be a masterpiece, but it will definitely get everyone into the spirit of things. Probably a good game to calm everyone down with after all of those other crazy Halloween party games (and all those sugary treats)!

So, there you have it, 5 great part game ideas. And why not share your Halloween party games below with all of us?

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