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The Best Halloween Horror Cakes in London

How do you make a horrible cake? Well one way is to burn it. IMG_0897
But another altogether more wonderful and wicked way is to create amazing tasting utterly disturbing fantastical horror cakes and that exactly what the wonderful Miss Cakehead (pictured above enjoying her work!) has managed to do.

Halloween Cake Shop

Her pop up Halloween cake shop called ‘Eat Your Heart Out’ is making some of the most disgusting and downright delicious cakes ever imagined (in your worst and best nightmares).
We sent our intrepid photographer to document her devilish cake creations as well as sample some of the sick sweets – the lucky devil!

Eat Your Heart Out is a macabre cake movement founded by Miss Cakehead in 2010. It prides itself on selling the world’s most extreme cakes many people find too traumatizing to eat. Past top sellers at the event include 2-Girls-1 Cupcake, STD cupcakes and fungus toe nail cookies. Miss Cakehead‘s shop can be found at the The Rag Factory 16-18 Heneage Street, which is just off Brick Lane but its only open from 25th–27th October, 11.30am – 6.30pm so get there now.

Visitors to Eat Your Heart Out will see the remains of the Kraken corpse and be able to feast on its putrid maggot riddled flesh (Kraken rum cake with marzipan maggots), see disturbing cake installations and sample cocktails as dark as a Kraken’s Ink. The public can also visit the space to view a video of the Kraken autopsy and see a full photographic gallery of the process. ‘Treats’ on sale in the space are set to include festering mouth-of-Kraken cupcakes, chunks of human flesh, Kraken rum chocolate ‘Drowned Sailor Hands’ and even cupcakes from which you can extract a maggot and puss before eating.

There will also be a Shetland Pony sized devil horse Kraken rum cake dripping blood. Entry to the event is free with no tickets required but due to the nature of the cakes on sale only those aged over 18+ will be able to enter. And if you don’t belive on how realistic and nasty these cakes are check out, and for more info.

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