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Spooky Laser Lollipop

The Spooky Laser Lollipop may sound like a secret weapon used by 007 that would leave the enemy with a burnt mouth, but it is in fact one of the coolest Halloween things I’ve seen so far this year.

The idea is pretty simple on the surface. What do Spooky laser lollipop halloweentrick or treaters need on those dark Halloween nights? A torch of course, both for keeping track of sweets and the route home.
And what is one of the most popular forms of candy? A lollipop. So why not combine them in one amazing vessel? A lollipop carrying torch.
But the true genius is that some bright spark wasn’t satisfied with this being a regular torch. No, why have a torch when you can have a colour, HALLOWEEN SHAPED BEAM?!

Spooky Laser fun

Is it a laser? I’m not entirely sure. But what I do know is that this little gadget projects one of 4 Halloween shapes (Jack-o-lantern, flying witch, bat or ghost) onto walls, floors or ceilings with impressive clarity turning this simple looking object into a thing of Halloween wonder.

Inside is a cylinder shaped strawberry lollipop which tastes… Well, like a strawberry lolly. But you’ll soon tire of the treat and go back to playing with the beam, spooking your friends with unexpected appearences of your floating orange ghost, or whatever.

Spooky laser lollipop ghost Halloween

The photo really doesn’t do it enough justice.

Sure, it’s batteries probably won’t last long but at just 79p each, you can afford to stock up.

You can find the Spooky Laser Lollipop at Waitrose stores nationwide.

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