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Marks and Spencer Halloween 2011

Marks and Spencer HalloweenMarks and Spencer Halloween goodies are out in shops and are also available on their web-site. Best of all, it seems that they have made more of an effort that ever to give us lots of Halloween choice.

So I popped into my local Marks and Spencer and found that they had a nice little Halloween display in the space that they usually fill with festive goodies.
Given the small area, there was a lot to see, with plenty of costumes, sweets, toys/props and decorations.
Here are a few things that caught my eye.

Marks and Spencer Halloween picks

Pumpkin Pinata

Halloween Pinatas are going to be even more popular this year, the question is, which shape will you buy? Most Halloween product stockists have their own designs and M&S have a couple of excellent examples in this large round pumpkin and the Skull model. You’ll undoubtedly have loads of fun bashing them up.
Marks and Spencer have lots of treats and sweets for you to fill them with. If you’d like to add some gifts, Woolworths have a great selection of made for purpose pinata filler packs:
Woolworths Pinata Packs

Marks and spencer halloween pinata
Coffin box

If you want somewhere good to keep your Halloween treats, halloween coffinwhy not check out the Marks and Spencer Halloween coffin box? It looks pretty good – black with white cobwebs (very fetching), it’s also a good size so there’s planty of space for lots of your goodies (M&S treats and usually pretty magnificent).
But when you open the lid, there’s an added surprise… Spooky noises. That should keep unwanted fingers away, or maybe just cause a few giggles.
It would make a nice table centre-piece or even be a novel way to issue your treats to any visiting trick or treaters.

Spooky Snow Globe

Another nice think that I saw instore is this cool little spooky snow globe. M&S Halloween Snow Globe I say ‘snow’ but actually it’s nice, orange Halloween glittery which is of course a lot more Halloweeny than some snow (although the weather people have predicted snow this October!).
Give this little guy a shake and he will sparkle away. Not only thay, but he also lights up, which looks very cool. It does mean that you’ll need batteries though.
The main thing is the quality of the product. As with all of the M&S products, all of them have a great feel and aren’t cheap like the products from other retailers. As a result, the slightly higher price is kind of justified. These are decorations that you’ll be able to use year after year.

Spooky Spinning Cake Stand

It’s all very well spending your time making magnificent halloween cupcakes M&S spooky spinning cake stand(using our recipes of course). But on All Hallows Eve, you don’t just want those delicious and amazing looking cakes sitting out on a boring old plate. What you need is a cake-stand. And what better a choice than this Spooky Spinning Cake Stand from the Marks and Spencer Halloween range?
Adorned with bats, cobwebs and creepy spiders this stand comes flat-packed for easy delivery (particularly if you order it online), then is assembled simply, making a surprisingly sturdy platform for your proudest works.
If you need help making the cakes themselves match the spookiness of the stand, you can also get some nice cake decorations to go with it:
M&S Halloween Cake Decorations

Halloween Costumes

There’s also a whole heap of nice kids fancy dress costumes that are well worth checking out.

M&S halloween costumes

Although again, they are a little more expensive than at other stores, the quality is pretty good and the little orange witches costume is particularly fetching…

The Marks and Spencer Halloween range is certainly worth checking out this year (if you haven’t done so already).

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