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Monster Mates

We are always on the look out for the next Halloween treat that could be making an appearance in our bowl of goodies for the coming year’s festivities.

‘Monster mates’ might sounds like some creepy monster-mates-2friends that you might make during a trip to a horror convention. But actually they’re the latest product to hit our shelves from the confection company Rose, the people that brought us the Glowstick Pumpkin Pops that we loved so much last Halloween.

And in fact, these Monster Mates include a pumpkin pop (minus the glow stick) plus lots of popping candy for you to dip it in. The end result: A very cool Halloween sweet that will get your mouth crackling and taste buds working overtime.

Monster Mates Fruit Flavoured Pumpkin Pop with Popping Candy

Although the flavours of the lollipops themselves might not vary, the flavour of the popping candy does.

There are four flavours (although I only got to get my hands on three) and they are Bile Blue Raspberry, Awful Orange, Gruesome Green Apple and Scary Strawberry.

They all pack some explosive flavour and you’re guaranteed to find your favourite in that selection, but the coolest thing has to be that packaging. How great will these packs look sitting in your bucket of treats come All Hallows Eve?

Monster Mates Fruit flavoured Pumpkin pop

You can get your hands on Monster Mates right now from a number of places, although if you’re shopping online you’ll need to do a bulk buy. They’re even available from Amazon via this link:

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