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Halloween Chocolate Pizza!!!

gourmet chocolate pizza

Here’s one we ate earlier…

There’s no denying it. Halloween this year has been awesome already!

And even before a majority of the really cool stuff appears (both on this site and across the world) there are two things that I really have to talk about. Two really awesome things. The first of which is CHOCOLATE PIZZA. Yeah, you heard me right, CHOCOLATE PIZZA. And it doesn’t even stop there, we’re talking CHOCOLATE HALLOWEEN PIZZA! Did I just blow you mind? Yes, I thought so.

So there we are, my wife and I, recovering from the birth of our second child. Up to our necks in dirty nappies, suffering from sleep deprivation and struggling to stay conscious and functional. Then BAM we get a knock at the door.

It’s a delivery man and it turns out that some dear friends of ours have sent a ‘hey you’ve had a baby’ gift. Luckily for us, they have great taste and said gift is a 12″ chocolate pizza from the Gourmet Chocolate Pizza company.

Chocolate Pizza?

Don’t get it confused, this isn’t a pizza with chocolate on top. That would just taste a bit weird.

This is a pizza made entirely from chocolate (different types in most cases) and when I say chocolate, I mean Belgian, and when I say Belgian I mean that really delicious melt in your mouth, tickle your belly stuff.

gourmet chocolate pizza chocolate halloween pizza

I hadn’t even heard about it before, but our present was so delisious, I was straight on the site. The pizzas come in different sizes and in many different varieties – all scrumptious and hard to choose from.

The chocolate pizzas come with a variety of toppings and all in a pizza box. Very cool.

As you may have guessed (seeing how much I love Halloween) I emailed them and asked about a Halloween pizza. Guess what, they have one, and now, so do I!

Want anchovies with that?

Check it out. The spider web, the chocolate spider, just all of that chocolate… You want one too? So you should!

If you want the ultimate treat this Halloween, I really can’t think of anything made of chocolate that will even come close to this.

Whether you’re staying in for a movie, having friends to dinner, or you’re just really generous to your trick or treaters, this is thus far the coolest and tastiest thing you can buy.

For more information visit the Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company immediately:

gourmet chocolate pizza halloween

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