Creepy caterpillar cake at M&S

Breaking news: M&S are giving a bunch of their sweet treats a makeover in time for Halloween 2017.

Count Colin the Caterpillar Cake

Those of you that shop regularly in the M&S food isles will already be familiar with Colin the Caterpillar. He’s a kids birthday cake (also fine for grown-ups with a sweet tooth) that is essentially a chocolate roll with a personality… and a face… and legs. All of which you can eat and taste delicious.

But this year M&S have announced that their favourite family cake is getting a creepy makeover for Halloween. Colin is becoming Count Colin and he’s not the only one who has had a spooky metamophosis.

M&S Halloween 2017 treats Marks and Spencer Count Colin

Take your attention away from Count Colin’s delicious looking fangs and devilish colour scheme if you can to see that here will also be super cute mini Count Colins on sale (in one of those buckets probably).

No sooner has Colin transformed into a Transylvanian blood sucker, he has already transformed other unsuspecting cakes.

You can pick Colin up for £7, 170g of his minions are just £2.

Pumpkin Percy Pigs

Colin isn’t the only big name to transmute though, as those more-ish fruity Percy Pig chews (£1.65) are getting pumkinised.
And other animals are getting in on the action with orange, apple and raspberry flavoured Freaky Frogs and lime and blackcurrant flavoured Zombie Owls also ominously squelching their way onto the shelves of your local M&S.

Marks and Spencer Halloween treats and sweets

And if savoury is your more your thing, there are cheesy vampire fang crisps to satisfy your insatiable, demonic hunger.

You can expect to see all of these wonderful Marks and Spencer Halloween treats hitting the shelves of your local stores in the coming weeks. We’ll be sure to try some as soon as we can!

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