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It is a matter of days until Halloween makes its presence felt zombie invasionon our streets and it would appear the undead are already beginning to wake up from beyond the grave. The zombies are upon us!

Following the successful World Zombie Day that saw thousands of zombie enthusiasts take to the streets in a bid to raise awareness of hunger and homelessness, the clever guys at allfancydress.com have devised a zombie heatmap for use over Halloween.

Now is the time to keep track of the zombulation throughout the UK. The heatmap is driven by sales data of zombie paraphernalia in the last three years at All Fancy Dress, pinpointing the towns and cities with the highest concentration of zombie fanatics.

Is your area caught by zombie fever? The heatmap includes a risk level indicator with areas in green those least populated with the spooky undead. While there is no help for those regions in bright red – all you can do is run for the hills and pray!

If you want to survive the zombie apocalypse this Halloween then why not use the Zombie Invasion microsite’s useful hints and tips including a list of essentials to ensure you don’t become another ‘Flesh Files’ statistic!

zombie invasion

Zombies… Everywhere!

We think it’s a really creative idea to pinpoint likeminded zombie fans. Make sure you take a look for your sanity’s sake!

Check out the Zombie Invasion here:

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