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Tulleys Farm Halloween Festival.

Tulleys Farm Halloween

tulleys farm logo I was driving through Sussex the other day and just before I reached a roundabout, I saw a sign saying ‘Halloween Festival’ with an arrow pointing left.
Obviously, my first instinct was to immediately turn and see exactly what it was all about. Sadly though, my other half reminded me about the surprise leaving party that we were on our way to and that we ‘couldn’t be late for’.
I drove on to the party, but couldn’t get the festival out of my head. What was I missing?!

When I got home I did a bit of searching online and saw that the festival was at Tulleys Farm in Crawley.
And as I searched the site further, the event seemed better and better!
Basically, from what I can tell (as I haven’t been yet) the festival runs from the 17th October and the attractions are split in two; the Octoberfest Fun Park for the kids (aged 3 to 12) and Shocktober Fest for ages 12 upwards.

October-solo-100x100pix-trans October Fest

Many of the attractions seem to be your typical farm kind of activity, although with a Halloween twist – which is fair tulleysfarm_003_smallenough as kids tend to love farm stuff anyway. So add in a bit of pumpkin carving, fancy dress, and ghost story telling and they’re going to have a great time.
In addtion there is:
A Horrid Hayride, which looks to be a tractor trailer ride with some spooky characters jumping out on you;

A spooky trail treasure hunt in the fields;

A creepy cottage, which is a spooky house that even has frightening characters lurking about later on in the day;

boo barn

Boo Barn, which sounds like a ghost themed fun house;

And other fun shows and games. Best of all, the organisers let you know a ‘fear factor’ for each event so that you know if it’s going to be too scary for your little ones.

shock-solo-100x100-trans Shocktober Fest

For the evening, things get a whole lot more spooky. Some of the rides from the daytime get a bit more hairy as more actors in more scary costume make it their mission to scare your socks off.

The Haunted Hayride looks decidedly more frightening; the once pleasant field turns into the Field of Screams, and the Creepy Cottage gets a whole lot creepier.

In addition, there is a nasty looking maze that is patroled by an Evil clown (and his buddies no doubt) and a haunted cellar which is (according to the site) the most scary event there.
Shock2_FOSThere are also lots more activities and fun things to experience such as shows, interactive theatre, a costume parade and themed games.

Check out the site for more details. Looks like an excellent place to go. I’m going to try my best to check it out, although there are only 5 days to go and I have so many other things to do!

See Tulleys Farm Halloween Festival

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