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London Dungeon Halloween 2015

If you’re looking for a creepy event in the capital this year, London Dungeon Halloween 2015then the London Dungeon Halloween 2015 schedule will probably be of great interest.

Since moving sites to a more central location, the London Dungeon has been busy developing new attractions to keep the venue fresh, thrilling and worthy of regular visits.

This year the usual scares will be there, with lots of legendary horror stories represented including Jack the Ripper and Sweeney Todd. You’ll also be able to experience the rides ‘Drop Dead’ and the ‘Tyrant Boat ride’.

London Dungeon Halloween 2015 – Séance

But in addition, this year the London Dungeon is inviting guests to a séance at the most haunted address in town, 50 Berkley Square. In Victorian times, many a haunting tale was shared about this place, earning it a place in history as one of the most haunted places in England.

At the London Dungeon, you’ll get to join the notorious Victorian medium, Florence Cook as she takes up residence for a chilling Halloween season guaranteed to make even the most hardened disbelievers’ hair stand on end. From 1st October to 1st November the Dungeon promises guests a full on 360° encounter of the ghostly kind … with spine-tingling consequences.

London Dungeon Halloween 2015 seance

Berkley Square previously featured in the London Dungeon’s previous attraction – Vengeance 5D, which sadly didn’t make it across during the relocation of London’s premiere scare attraction.

But for this special London Dungeon Halloween event, guests will find themselves transported back to to 50 Berkley Square in 1873 as the medium prepares for her latest sitting. Dare they enter the séance chamber and witness Cook’s communion with her ghostly spirit guide? Or will the supernatural disturbances in the ante-room send them fleeing into the night? Those daring enough should prepare for the main event as guests see, hear and feel the spirit world summoned before them… with a climactic visitation that will rattle the strongest of nerves.

London Dungeon Halloween 2015 – More Scares in Store!

On top of that the London Dungeon promises that London Dungeon Halloween 2015the whole cast of history’s darkest characters will be displaying even more twistedly mischievous behaviour than usual at this particuarly dark and bewitching time of year. Once free of the ghosts of Berkley Square, visitors will have to contend with a total of 18 shows packed full of potently dark storytelling and edge of the seat surprises.

We can’t wait to try the London Dungeon Halloween 2015 experience!
On a recent trip the dungeons we were really impressed with its new developments. They seem to have found the perfect balance of live action sequences and SFX scares and it really is an attraction that delivers on thrills.

The London Dungeon Halloween 2015 event is going to be understandably popular, and if you’ve seen the queues there on a regular day, you’ll know that buying tickets in advance is a no-brainer.

To book your place on this trip to the cark side visit:
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