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Halloween at Charlton House

charlton house halloween The House of Lost Souls – Charlton House.
At Charlton House on the Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st October 2010 the 3rd LONDON GHOST FESTIVAL 2010 will be taking place. It looks set to be a great night for all aspiring ghost hunters!

Charlton HouseThis imposing Jacobean mansion in Charlton is reputed to house a variety of lost souls many of which recall episodes of the house’s colourful past. In this ghostly historical performance, devised specifically for Halloween and the London Ghost Festival, you will be asked to participate as you are taken on a walk into the past in order to try to uncover the facts behind the House of Lost Souls.

The year is 1959: A veil of mystery and melancholy shrouds Charlton House. Exactly 10 years ago today, 2 house keepers, working at the house suddenly disappeared. Intensive investigation failed to find them. A decade later, you are cordially asked to join a paranormal investigation team in a last desperate attempt to close the case.  Along the journey there is a great possibility you will encounter many of the houses past residents, who not only recall their lives in historical fact but help you to discover the truth behind the missing souls.

I have been on a daytime tour of Charlton house (some years ago now) and it was pretty scary even then. Plenty of spooky stories about the place.
I reckon it’ll be a great night.

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