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Alton Towers Halloween 2013

Gone are the days when you struggled to find things to do for Halloween. In 2013 there seem to be a whole host of Halloween events taking place, and few look to be as exciting as the Alton Towers Halloween 2013 ‘Scarefest’.

Theme parks can be scary places at the best of times, Alton Towers Halloween 2013 scarefestso it didn’t take long for clever marketing guys to figure out that by adding a bit of Halloween sparkle to your rides and attractions, you can pull in some big crowds.

So I guess the question is, will the Alton Towers Halloween Scarefest really be creepier and spookier, or will it just be the same old place with a few cobwebs?

Alton Towers Halloween 2013

Between 19th October and 3rd November Alton Towers are promising to deliver their scariest Halloween yet.
Here are some of the things to look forward to…

The Smiler – at night

In case you hadn’t heard, The Smiler is the newest big attraction at Alton Towers. It’s a roller coaster with enough twists and turns to leave you in knots. And if it wasn’t a daunting enough ride during the day, you’ll be able to go on it at night (along with the other rides) as the theme park will stay open until 9pm during this spooky period.
Katherine Duckworth head of consumer marketing at the Alton Towers Resort explains:

“The Smiler provides an intense physical experience like no other ride and has already proved its extreme popularity amongst our guests. The chance to ride this mind-bending attraction in the dark will heighten the senses of our guests and give the ride a whole new terrifying dimension”.

smiler alton towers scarefest

Enough mazes to make you lose yourself AND your mind

Horror mazes are commonplace nowadays. I remember enjoying the Saw Maze at Thorpe Park during the Halloween period a couple of years back.
However, not to be outdone by other, smaller venues Alton Towers have 4 mazes to terrify their visitors with. These are …

The Sanctuaryalton towers horror mazes
A medical facility themed maze that is linked to the Smiler ride.

The Carnival of Screams
Ever thought about how scary it would be to become trapped at a freak show surrounded by demented clown faced murderers? That’s kinda what this is.

Terror of the Towers
After two urban explorers go missing in the old Alton Towers ruins, you follow their footsteps on a terrifying vampire infested journey.

Zombies scare zone
ZOMBIES! Everywhere! Will you make it out of this maze alive?

Scarefest for kids

Not everyone wants to be terrified, so at the Alton Alton Towers kids halloweenTowers 2013 Scarefest there are also some fun things to do, things that are aimed specifically at the younger audience.
To help with this, four fun Halloween characters – Phil, Franklyn Patch and Skelvin are at hand to help.

  • Kids can learn how to spook with Phil & Franklyn’s Ghoul School.
  • Join Skelvin to hear his silly spooky stories.
  • Listen to Patch talk about the creepy creatures that live in Franklyn’s Freaky Farm.
  • Plus have lots of other Halloween fun with these creepy, cute characters.
Alton Towers 2013 scarefest

Alton Towers Halloween 2013 Scare Rooms

alton towers scare roomsAs Alton Towers is a ‘resort’ you’re now able to stay at the accommodation that they have on site. This makes it very convinient if you want to start your day of fun early, or in this case, make the most of those dark, creepy Halloween evenings.
Best of all, if you’re feeling really brave, you can take your stay to the next level. If you choose a Scare Room package you’ll be treated to an ‘extreme theatrical experience that will take place from the moment you check in through till 2am’.

So as you settle down to rest, all manner of exciting and scary things will take place. It sounds like the perfect way to end your trip.

Alton Towers 2 for 1 voucher

Here’s an exciting update. If you’re interested in attending Scarefest, here’s a link to a voucher which will get you TWO FOR ONE ENTRY at Alton Towers any time between now and 8th November 2013.
For more details and the voucher itself, just follow the link:
Alton Towers 2 for 1 voucher

For more information on the Alton Towers Halloween 2013 Scarefest experience, visit

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