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10 Kids (big and small) Horror Movies For Halloween 2010

gremlins halloween Empire magazine have compiled the Top 10 Horror films for children of all ages each complete with a tot terror rating all perfect for keeping those little (and not so little) tykes quiet come all hallows eve.

It’s often hard to decide which films to watch and that choice is made even harder when kids are involved. You want them to have fun without being scared out of their wits, right?

Obviously, you can argue that there isn’t such thing as a horror movie that is rated PG (or below an R rating in the US). Perhaps 10 scary or spooky movies would be a more accurate description.

Either way, I think they have chosen a few peaches, so if you need help deciding, this could be just what you need.

Check them out 10 Horror Movies For Kids (Big And Small)

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