Zombie Energy Drink

zombie blood drink Right, time is running short, so I’m really going to have to pick up the pace on this, particularly for the posts about products to buy online and stuff. It’s not worth recommending cool Halloween stuff to you all if you’re not going to have time to order any of it, is it?!

And so, to the zombie energy drink! YAY!

Created in a laboratory completely by accident, this drink is actually the bi-product of government Zombie Energy Drinkgenetic experimentation and is harvested from the livers of real zombies. It’s their bile!

Okay, it’s not really. But it would be cool if it was huh? Not sure if I’d drink it, but cool either way.

Instead, here are two energy drinks that taste great, look excellent and contain a lot of caffein, so if you’re hoping to be able to stay up late on Halloween this could be what you need to keep going!

Both the red (human) blood and the zombie blood come in packets that look a lot like those blood bags that they blood energy drinkhave at hospitals.
The red one is a mixed fruit flavoured drink and the green zombie one is lime flavoured. Both are likely to get you a lot of odd/admiring/horrified looks from strangers if you whip one out and stard drinking it in public – particularly if you’re in costume!

I mean, check the woman out to the right. If you saw her doing that in the street what would you think? Yup, VAMPIRE!

You can buy the blood energy drinks in both flavours from Firebox.

Firebox Halloween

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