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True Blood Halloween drink

True Blood Halloween drinkA True Blood Halloween drink?! Okay, so it isn’t specifically for Halloween, but it is a drink supposedly drunk by vampires in the popular series – True Blood and what better prop or refreshing alcohol-free beverage could be better if you’re planning to don some fangs this Halloween?

So in case you didn’t know, True Blood tells the story of an alternate reality where humans and vampires co-exist. So that they get along better, the vampires opt to drink a synthetic blood (The True Blood drink) rather than have to bite everyone. It works to an extent.

This drink, you’ll be happy to hear (unless you’re a vampire) True Blood drinkdoes not taste like blood, or synthetic blood for that matter. Instead, it’s a fruity carbonated beverage.
It’s alcohol free and really does look the part. A great deal of work has gone into making these embossed blass bottles look exactly like those on the show.

So if you’re a True Blood fan, or just someone wanting to look like a vampire with a dangerous yet approachable edge, this True Blood drink could be your ideal Halloween beverage…

Where can I buy this True Blood Halloween drink?

You can buy the True Blood drink from
True Blood glass bottled drink

You’ll soon also be able to get slightly bigger plastic bottles which work out a little cheaper, but don’t look quite as impressive:
True Blood plastic bottled drink

If you want to see the drink in action, check out this True Blood fan trying it out:

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