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Spooky Spectacular Spirits

Wow we’ve been quiet on the alcohol front this year.

Right, so alcohol obviously isn’t key to Halloween celebrations, but we usually feature stuff on here, like halloween cocktails and Halloween beers etc.

Well how about something entirely different this time?
How about some creepy looking spirits that would definitely turn a few heads (and attract a few empty glasses) at your Halloween shin-dig?

Crystal Head Vodka

A high calibre vodka called Crystal Head that comes in a bottle shaped like a head. That would be cool.
But how about if that same drink came in a BOTTLE SHAPED LIKE A SKULL?!
You’d buy it immediately? Thought so.

Crystal head vodka halloween drink spirit

Crystal Head is quadruple-distilled in Canada, using glacial aquifer water from Newfoundland which is considered to be amongst the purest in the world. This makes it very smooth and free of impurities.
Best of all though, it comes in vessel that’s reminiscent of one of those mystical, ancient crystal skulls that are rumoured to have supernatural powers.
This means that when the vodka is gone you’ll be left with a pretty awesome Halloween prop that may or may not enable you to levitate things with your mind.

You can buy Crystal Head Vodka at

Pumpkin Face Rum

So how can we top that?
Well being a rum drinker and a lover of Halloween, this next saucy spirit ticks all my boxes. It’s Pumpkin Face Rum.
This tipple comes in three varieties:

Pumpkin Face White – Beautiful, delicious, and naturally smooth.
Pumpkin Face Reserve – A blend of decades old hand selected aged Dominican rums.
Pumpkin Face 23 – Made in 1980, aged 23 years in Oak barrels, and rested for over another decade in Dominican Republic, this rum shows extraordinary elegance with complexity.

Pumpkins Head Rum halloween drink spirit

We’re talking some serious rum here folks, so the flavour should definitely not disappoint.
But in addition to that, what about those bottles eh? I mean, you wouldn’t buy it just for the bottle, but they are amazingly excellent. The hard bit would be choosing which to go for.
And another problem is that you can’t currently get Pumpkin Face Rum in Europe. Boo!
Let’s home they fix that soon.

You can find out more about Pumpkin Face Rum at

Scorpion Vodka

If you’re more about the contents of the bottle than the bottle itself, then this vodka will be sure to appeal to you.
The drink is pretty standard stuff, usual vodka strength and no quadruple distilled glacier water here.
But sitting in the vodka is a 100% real and 100% edible (if you’re brave enough) scorpion.

Scorpion vodka halloween spirit

The venom has been removed from these little vodka soaked pinchers so it’s highly unlikely that drinking the stuff will kill you (their assurance, not ours).
And what fun you could have with it at your Halloween gathering, with it on display like a gruesome specimen in a mad scientist’s laboratory. Or of course, daring each other to eat the thing.

Scorpion vodka is available from

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