Firebox.com might not immediately strike you as a good place to buy stuff for Halloween.
They’re great for Christmas and birthdays with loads of fun gadgets, toys and gifts often with an unusual twist.

But if you look beneath the surface, you’ll find that Firebox also sells some very cool, creepy gear that could definitely add some sparkle to your Halloween preparations.

Blood Bath Shower Gel

Blood shower gel

Blood bath anyone?

Whether you actually do want to bathe/shower in this stuff or whether you just want it to hang in your bathroom as a prop, this Blood Bath Shower Gel is sure to catch your party guest’s eye.
And you really can wash in it. It’s cherry scented (no one wants to smell like real blood do they?) and is the perfect accompaniment visually to the Blood Energy drink that we have featured previously (which also comes in a green, zombie flavour), or even the Tru Blood bottled beverage.

Now bathing and drinking blood can finally be socially acceptable.

Halloween treats (or tricks)

Moving more in the direction of things that you might want to eat (or offer to someone else) there is a lot to choose from.

Evil Hot Gummi Bears

Not to be confused with their colourful, evil hot gummi bearsfruity cousins these Evil Hot Gummie bears are habanero chilli-infused, giving them a decidedly firey kick.
Seemingly innocent from the outside, these little guys could easily be mistaken for the regular gummi bears with amusing results.
Why not dare your friends or guests to try some? Or if some insolent trick or treaters call round, why not give them this spicy surprise?

Each bag contains about 250g of these devilish treats, so that should be plenty to go round.

Insectilix Lollies and Toasted Scorpions

If you’re feeling particularly daring, how about buying in some real creepy crawlies to surprise your friends?
The Insectilix Lollies come in a variety of flavours – Tequilla, vodka and mint – and contain either a worm, a scorpion or some ants… How can you possibly choose which to go for?!
The scorpion lolly even glows under a UV light which makes it the perfect treat for a Halloween party.
And if that isn’t enough scorpion for you, a packet of Toasted Scorpions should be the perfect follow up.
These toasted, lightly salted creatures have been farm raised and scientifically detoxified to ensure that they taste good and don’t end up killing you.

insectilix halloween lollies

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies Human Preserves

If you want something else that tastes good halloween jamwhilst also being an excellent prop or decoration at your party venue of choice, how about these Hoxton Street Monster Supplies Human Preserves?
Thankfully, in this case the labels aren’t entirely accurate. The Olde Fashioned Brain Jam is in fact rasberry jam and the Thickest Human Snot is really lemon curd. Even though they aren’t legitimate they’re still ‘the ultimate delicacy at any self-respecting monster’s table’.
These preserves were actually the brain (jam) child of a bunch of children who are part of a charity called the Ministry of Stories. This means that if you buy some of these delicious products some of the proceeds go to the charity, which makes eating brains and snot an even better thing to do.

Halloween props

Finally, there are a few other Firebox goodies that could be used as props…

There’s the Alien Chestburster Plush and Facehugger Plush which bring an element of cuteness to any alien impregnation.
Based on the creatures from the legendary Alien films, you could use your imagination to incorporate these soft, cuddly killers from outer space into your Halloween scene or costume.

plush aliens

Zombie Slippers

Finally, at the end of the night when your party guests zombie slippershave gone and the trick or treaters are all tucked up in bed, you can kick back and relax in front of a nice horror film or read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies in these cosy Zombie Slippers.
Just place the pair of zombie heads on the floor and slip your feet into their warm, open mouths (not something that you’d usually want to do to a zombie). They’re super comfy and they even have dangling eyeballs that flop about when you walk. How cute.

So if you’re looking for a Halloween gift or something slightly more unusual for your Halloween gathering this year, it seems that Firebox can definitely deliver.

Firebox Halloween

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