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5 Great Spooky Halloween Ales

Our hunt for the greatest Halloween tipple continues and this time round we’ve rangled a bunch of ales together for a taste test.

Ale has been with us for centuries and is usually more full-bodied than it’s younger, gassy brother, lager.

As anyone that has ever been to a beer festival will know, there is a huge selection of real ales to choose from with many seasonal and regional variations.

As with most things, at this time of year there are even some creepy, festive creations that appear on store shelves, perfectly places for consumption on All Hallows Eve.

Below we take a look at 5 interesting brews that should keep beer drinkers happy this Halloween.

Halloween Ales Showdown

Green Daemon

About the ale

Green Daemon Halloween ales
From the Hopdaemon Brewery, which is located in Kent, UK.
Green Daemon Helles is a continental-style golden beer, with 5% ABV.
It’s said to compliment curries, seafood and fusion dishes. And best of all it has a little horned, green demon (or daemon) on the bottle!
Green Daemon Helles can be found at some UK supermarkets including Asda.

Taste test

Not gassy, but that’s a good thing.
Light and refreshing but may be a bit sour for some because of the strong hops flavour.

It has a Citrus, fresh smell. An aroma reminiscent of lemon tea. It also has elements of that in the flavour.

SCORE: 3/5

Wychwood Golden Ale

About the ale

From the Wychwood Brewery, located in Oxfordshire, UK.
This beer is a joint venture between Wychwood and the supermarket, Morrisons.

This special edition ale comes in at 4.5% ABV.

Taste test

Frothy and a delicate aroma.
Stout-like flavour. Tangy.
Refreshing, but a bit too bitter flavour.
A bit lacking in flavour. No personality.
Too gassy.

SCORE: 2/5

Pendles witches brew (moorhouse)

About the ale

Taste test

Smells foul at first.
Subtle and not overpowering in a good way. Doesn’t taste as bad as it smells!
It’s light, and slightly sweet, but lacking in the flavours that it’s supposed to have.

SCORE: 2/5

Spooks Ale Halloween

Spooks Ale

About the ale

Taste test

Liquorish smell and dark colour.
Full of flavour with a strong after taste. Packs big flavour and would be good for fans of guinness. No nasty after taste!
E quite liked it!

Not gassy or foamy. Old school stout. Imagine drinking it out of a tankard.

Roasted, bonfire, autumnal taste. The others so far have been more summery and citrus.

SCORE: 4/5

Hobgoblin Gold

About the ale

Hobgblin Gold
From the Wychwood Brewery, located in Oxfordshire, UK.
It contains six varieties of hops and comes in at 4.5% ABV.

Although it is lighter in colour than its predecessor (Hobgoblin), it’s ‘no lightweight’.

Hobgoblin Gold is widely available in the UK.

Taste test

It’s a pale ale style beer with an aroma of apples – somewhat similar to the smell of a cider aroma.
Tastes light and fruity.
E’s winner.

Lightest colour of all of them. Looks like it will taste like a corona, but still has the ale taste. As close to a lager as they’d like to go.

SCORE: 5/5

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