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Wilko Halloween 2017

As more shops remove the ‘back to school’ stock and fill their shelves with Halloween goods, we felt it was about time that we found out what we can expect from Wilko Halloween 2017 range.

The store has become popular for Halloween shoppers over recent years as they have established themselves by selling unique items as very reasonable prices.

Last year we picked up a couple of beautiful bits including a glass pumpkin drinks cooler which was unlike anything sold elsewhere.

This year it looks like a few items have made a return, other bits have resurfaced after being gone for some years and of course there are also some new items to get excited about.

Wilko Hallowee 2017

Wilko Halloween 2017


Wilko Halloween 2017 bloody door

There are a few decorative items that will look great at your haunt his Halloween including these classy looking, metallic coloured terracotta pumkins, which come in at just …

If you’ve got a bunch of plain looking doors that need to be spooked up a little, why not try one of these door coverings which will quickly turn them into something more bloody and terrifying?

You could also combine it with the hand print wall grabbers or bloody tumblers to continue the theme.

If you want something a bit more elegant you could opt for some terracotta pumpkins which come in different sizes and in silver or gold. It’ll take the pain out of carving a real one!

Wilko Halloween 2017 gold pumpkinWilko Halloween 2017 silver teracotta pumpkin


In terms of lighting, there were a few items we liked the look of.

First up were some small cobweb lights which have that element of elegance and would look great hung around a mirror or kitchen unit.

Wilko Halloween 2017 web lights Wilko Halloween 2017 pumpkin lights Wilko Halloween 2017 ghost lights

The pumpkin lantern lights have more of an impact in bright orange and will help give that party feel when hung on walls or over doorways.

And he ghost lights are just too cute to miss, each draped with a mini sheet.

The lights come in at a modest £4, £7 and £5 respectively and are all battery powered.

Staying with lighting, Wilko are also selling an interesting projector bulb which you plug into a lamp (upward facing would work best) and when turned on it projects creepy images onto your wall and ceiling.
We’re yet to see just how effective these are, but at just £10, they’re worth trying out.

Wilko Halloween 2017 bulb projector Wilko ghost projector Halloween 2017

If you’re after something with a bit more impact you could opt for the large projector light – something which can be found in a number of stores this year including Asda and ….
The best thing about these is that you can even use them outdoors (as long as your follow the instructions carefully). They’re on sale for £25.


There are a few costumes on sale at Wilko this year, but they’re not the biggest amount of choice, this is probably because clothing isn’t something you’d usually find in a Wilko store (unlike the competitors like Asda who have a load of them).

bride Halloween costume wilko bat costume wilko surgeon Halloween costume wilko

There are a few ones worth noting though. The cute bat (£7) looks good  – every store has their own version of this – the zombie surgeon (£12) looks pretty terrifying and the dead bride dress and veil (£12) offers the complete costume. Not sure what the connection is with Halloween and weddings but every store also seems to have brides and gooms featuring this year.

Halloween Props

There are a few Halloween props that are worth considering at Wilko this year.

First, it’s the return of one of our favourite items from last year, the talking graveyard lantern.
When activated a ghostly face appears and makes foreboding sounds. The best thing about it is the size, and although it’s made of plastic, it’s quite authentic looking. Not bad for £10.

You can see it in action here…

Fans of the bigger stuff will be happy to hear that Wilko are also selling a large butler prop his eyes glow and he speaks a few phrases when activated. I have to say though, it’s not my favourite butler this year as there’s lots of competition from stores like The Range that have far scarier and realistic offerings.

There is a nice inflatable pumpkin (or two of them to be precise) which is 4ft high and would look great by your front door. The lights inside will give the front of your home that warm orange glow.

Animated skull canvas Wilko Halloween 2017 inflatable pumpkins Wilko Halloween 2017 ghost prop

Canvases are definitely the thing this year. I have already picked up one of the LED ones from the range, but this giant skull is even better as the eyes flash and it even plays out sounds. The price tag of £20 might put a few people off, but it will make a definite impact at any Halloween get together, whether it’s doing its in action, or just hanging there quietly, looking menacing.

There’s also an animated ghost which look a lot like the one that Asda was selling a good few years ago. It might be the same size, but there are a couple of improvements with the addition of the Ghostbusters theme tune that plays as it moves, and also the colour changing light in its head – not overly ghostly, but fun nonetheless!

Our favourite prop at Wilko this year though has to be the Rising Reaper which looks fab. At first it looks like a rather unsuspecting gravestone but once activated a nasty skeletal reaper rises from behind it with glowing eyes to spook your guests with creepy phrases and music.

Wilko Halloween 2017 grave

At just £20, it’s superb value and will be the prop that makes a return appearance every year at your Halloween gatherings.

That’s all for our little whistle-stop tour of the Wilko Halloween 2017 range for now, however if we get some more videos of some of this great stuff in action, we’ll add it here.

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Mr Halloween is the founder of Halloweenerrific. He lives for Halloween and pretty much spends the whole year in a perpetual Halloween, preparing for that all important night when everyone else celebrates it too. He loves cobwebs, skeletons and UV lights. He hates cheap, poorly made Halloween products.


  1. haunted ghost /sams vlogs September 16, 2017 at 5:00 pm

    wilko is the worst store this year because the dancing skeleton is 40 pound and the butler these two you could get from morrisons the dancing skeleton was 25 pound and the butler was 30 pound. don’t even get me started on the rising reaper bandm was 12.99 now its 20 pound the only things I’m getting is the dancing ghost the graveyard lantern a tomb stone and that’s it wilko this is the worst year by far

  2. haunted ghost /sams vlogs September 22, 2017 at 4:04 pm

    the stuff is awful the prices are awful and they rip off other shops

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