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Tran-Sylvanian Families?

sylvanian families Halloween Sylvanian Families toys have been around for years. Fluffy little creatures that are all cute and cuddly. They were harmless and innocent… Until NOW.

It seems that the makers are tired of other tough toys kicking sand in the faces of these little sylvanian families Halloweenhelpless creatures and have given them a whole new dynamic – a belief in the afterlife, which for some toy squirrels and mice is a pretty far-out thing.

Yeah, so what if they’re tiny and usually wear dresses? These creatures ain’t afraid of ghosts and you can bet your ass that if you don’t have candy for them when they come trick-or-treating, they’re gonna be leaving a flaming pile of dog-crap on your door-step. OR WORSE!
All the crazy implications of this toy aside, they are way cool. Sooo glad that I have a daughter as an excuse to buy and play with them.
Definitely has to go on the Must Have Halloween toys for 2010 list, if there is one.

Kids or not, this would make a cute Halloween decoration for any household.

You can buy the set in the UK for £11.99 here:

Sylvanian Families Halloween set

Am yet to find a reputable retailer for other countries. If you see one, feel free to add them to the comments below (spam will not be published).

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