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The Range Halloween Props Rundown 2017

This year there are a few contenders to the crown of ‘best UK retailer of Halloween goodies’ and one or two of them are entirely new (to me at least).
The one that has been talked about most so far in our comments and on our social media channels is The Range.

So who are these ‘Range’ people? It turns out that it’s a relatively new business, started in 1989 selling furniture, bedding and DIY equipment. More recently they have expanded their empire, opening new stores and putting together a clean, easy to use website.
Best of all though of course, The Range stocks a whole bunch of Halloween stuff, particularly great, affordable props. So we thought it was only right that we should share with you our favourite Range Halloween products for 2017.

The Range Halloween 2017 products

First up we have a few smaller items that look super good and come in at a low price.

There’s the day of the dead themed Candy Skull which contains coloured lighting and comes in at a surprisingly affordable £4.99 – the perfect addition to all that other day of the dead stuff you’ve accumulated over the past couple of years (you would almost think we live in Mexico, the amount of it that has been on sale recently).

The Range Halloween 2017 candy skull

And if you’re not too keen on the skull, there’s a similarly size haunted house and a cute skeleton. Something for everyone.

Next up is the haunted Halloween book, something that caught my eye early on when one of our Halloween mad readers posted it on Facebook.
This colourful, glowing tome would make any bookshelf or sideboard look all the more menacing. Dare you open it to read?! Well, you can’t, because it’s a prop. But even if you could, I probably wouldn’t! Cursed for sure.

The Range Halloween 2017 haunted book

And for the same kind of price (£12.99 at time of writing) you could also pick up this cool spooky light-up tree. A Halloween take on the Christmas tree… Maybe.

Tricks and treats

If you’re looking for somewhere good to keep your treats the light up reaper candy bowl could be what you’re after. It’s a good size and the skull is surprisingly realistic. It’s likely to put some younger scarers off treats, but that works out well for you (as you can eat them instead).

The Range Halloween 2017 reaper candy bowl

The Range Halloween 2017 waitressIf you want to go bigger, why not opt for the £49.99 animated Waitress? She won’t move around the room for you but she will hold a tray of treats for anyone (who’s brave enough) to take from.
She has a particularly freaky face and will definitely make an impression at your residence.

If full sized props are your thing, then you may also want to look at the animated reaper with wings (the wings move) for £42 or the animated skeleton bride and groom who come in at £58. These figures are guaranteed to freak out your guests.

The Range Halloween 2017 winged reaper The Range Halloween 2017 bride groom

Ground breakers

If you’re planning something outdoors, why not try the ground breakers that The Range has on sale. There’s a freaky clown or a ghoul (which is the same model sold by Asda a few years back I reckon). At £10 and £15 it would almost be rude not to pick one up.

The Range Halloween 2017 clown breaker The Range Halloween 2017 ghoul breaker

For £23 you can pick up something particularly bloody with the animated corpse bag. We’ve seen this in action and it looks great fun. Very likely to catch your friends unawares as it moves around like a reanimated cadaver.

The Range Halloween 2017 corpse bag

Another item sure to scare the pants off people is the animated scary window. At £60 it’s pretty pricey but placed in the perfect location, indoors or outdoors, it could go down a storm. The windows are closed to begin with, and the skeletal head and hands spring out when approached.

The Range Halloween 2017 scary window

Clowning around

If you’re not totally over the killer clown craze you might also want to pick up the talking creepy clown head that comes in just shy of £15. It’s fangs and glowing eyes are the stuff of nightmares.

The Range Halloween 2017 clown head

Finally, there are a few things to hang up around the place to add atmosphere to your haunt.

The Range Halloween 2017 fire skeleton The Range Halloween 2017 floating ghost

Starting at just £8, there’s the light up fire skeleton, the light up witch (£10) and the animated floating ghost (£30) which also comes with lights, meaning that it’ll be spookily obvious even in the darkest setting.
As long as you have somewhere good to hang them from, these floating phantom-like figures will transform a corner or hallway into something more like a ghost train, filling your friends with fear (and some giggles).

You can see more of The Range’s Halloween goodies here:

Let us know what you think of the products. What’s your favourite thing? What will you invest in? And of course, if you buy any of them, be sure to let us all know what it’s like.

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  1. haunted ghost /sams vlogs September 6, 2017 at 3:00 pm

    love the range this year its the best store so far and asda two I’m getting the groundbeaker clown the bookthe floating ghostand the corpse plus the candy bowl

  2. Mr Halloween September 6, 2017 at 4:03 pm

    I’m very interested in the creepy window. Bit worried it might be too scary for the trick or treaters though…

  3. Haunted Skull September 6, 2017 at 4:36 pm

    I picked up the window, ground breaker zombie and the butler last year and they are some amazing props. A week ago I brought the spell book, corpse bag and the floating ghost they are all awesome and well worth the price

  4. haunted ghost /sams vlogs September 7, 2017 at 2:21 pm

    warning do not buy the candy bowl it does nothing

  5. Haunted Skull September 12, 2017 at 10:07 pm

    I have uploaded reviews on the things I picked up on my channel.

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