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Spooky Lego

halloween lego minifigures series 2 I was talking to a friend a couple of weeks back. He’s well aware of my love for Halloween and all things horror, which is why I was so surprised that he didn’t tell me about the Lego minifigures sooner!

These limited edition collectibles (now on their second series) are sealed so that you can’t tell what’s zombie Each packed has a special edition character that has more features that your usual generic Lego character. And most importantly for me, there are horror ones, or as I like to think – Halloween Lego figures!
The first that interested me was the zombie.

With a torn suit and dead looking face, this guy looks every bit a legitimate zombie. Look, he even carries the spade that he used to dig himself out of his lego grave (I think) and some chicken (?!). Okay, so it wouldn’t look great for Lego if he was carrying a severed limb. Either way, he looks great doesn’t he?

Anyway, he was from series one, which is still available, but stocks are running short. I did find one place that let you buy particular characters, but at an inflated price. Better than having to buy 10 packets just to get the one you want though eh?

In series two, there is a witch and a vampire. These figures are in the shops now, so get out there while they’re still available. Rumour has it, that the next series will have a mummy!

lego minifigures
It’s also worth noting that there are websites that list the barcodes for the characters so that you can tell them apart when buying them. However, this does mean that you have to walk into a toy shop with a piece of paper and rifle through the Lego. Good job I have kids to use an excuse for this sort of behaviour!

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