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Scary Halloween costumes

kid-costume SO, there isn’t long left. (11 days to be exact) and you need a costume for a Halloween party.
You can always have a go at making one, which is great fun. BUT to be honest, if you want to look really creepy, and you want to save yourself some time, there are some REALLY good costumes around at the moment.

Check out these scary little numbers:

Seed of Chucky

chuckyChilds Play was very big back in the 80’s/90’s and although the whole idea of a killer doll was a bit silly, and the film a bit more of a comedy than a horror, there’s no denying that the doll itself was pretty creepy.

No doubt, you could find a stripy top and some dungarees to make yourself look like him, but unless you have a real ‘baby face’ it’s always going to be difficult to carry off the plastic doll look. That’s where this costume comes in.

Being sold by, this nasty get-up really sends a chill up your spine. The mask is very creepy. And rather than looking a bit silly on a big person, I actually think it looks even more freaky and disturbing – Probably the freakiest of the costumes!


jigsawOne of the nastiest costumes around.
If you like the Saw movies, this guy will be all too familiar to you. The films are very nasty and so is this exceedingly creepy mask.
Available from you could make the whole thing even more scary by getting a voice-changer (available from a bunch of places) to make yourself sound like him. And you could even ride around on a tricycle!
Okay, maybe that’s going a bit too far.

It would also probably be going too far to start setting people evil challenges that could risk their lives. But perhaps a fun twist could be to make them do fun tasks and make them laugh as opposed to scream in agony. Maybe over-see some apple bobbing or something.

The only danger with this costume is that you might scared off other party guests and end up feeling quite lonely in the corner of the room on your own.

Killer Clown

I don’t know about you, but clowns have always freaked me out. I didn’t like them when I was a child and I’m still not overly in lovecarver-clown with them. So, a clown costume with sharp killer teeth reminiscent of Stephen King’s IT is always going to put people on Edge.

Silly have this nasty little ensemble which really gets under your skin. Not advised for kids parties unless you really want to put them all off ever going to the circus again!

Crypt Keeper

crypt keeperLike old school costumes? Tales from the Crypt was always great fun, horror and humour inter-twined. And for that reason, this costume is a bit more fun. Okay, the mask doesn’t exactly make you kissable, but that giggling little crypt keeper always helped to warm our hearts before creeping us out.
I defy anyone to wear this and not feel like running about the party causing mischief!

You  can get it now from Jokers Masquerade


And finally, what better costume is there to wear than one that makes you look like (arguably) the leatherface 2most scary movie killer ever?! Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
The mask is painstakingly crafted to look as if it really has been made from human flesh and the apron looks bloody and fresh from the slaughter.
At, you can even get a cute little chainsaw to really set the whole look off. Maybe it’s not as big as the one in the movies, but if someone came running at me looking like this, I’d still scream like a girl.

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