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M&S starts the Halloween festivities for 2010

m&s And they’re off. The shops are now stocking up in preparation for Halloween 2010 and winner for ‘first to the post’ this year (to the best of my knowledge) Marks and Spencer!
There I was, minding my own business, using M&S as a cut through – as we all do – on the way back to the car park when I suddenly saw that familiar, warm orangy glow that could only be a jack-o-lantern. Imagine my excitement!

And not only that, but this same brightly colouredm&s halloween pumpkin was none other than a Halloween Pinata – no doubt an idea that they heard about on Halloweenerrific (I like to think so anyway).

Considering the display was pretty small (half of it can be seen in this photo) it was still quite impressive with a nice range of products on offer.
There were a bunch of kids costumes, from Dracula to witch and even a few little Halloween-themed baby suits, one of which I had to buy for my latest family member, a black and bright green top with ‘peek-a-boo’ on it.

I noticed that you can get a good selection of their kids costumes on the M&S web-site too which is great if you want good quality costumes from the comfort of your home. Although they are all cute rather than terrifying.

m&s kids halloween costume

There were a few toys and lots of food bits and treats including Halloween popcorn, marshmallows and the usual assortment of themed sweets that M&S puts out. There was also a ‘make your own gingerbread bat kit’ which I was quite tempted by, but as with most of the other items that they had on offer, I was kind of put off by the price.
It all seemed a bit too expensive, especially seeing that Asda will soon be unveiling its delights – most of which will be great value.

I may come back for the pinata, still plenty of time to go and lots more shops to check out… But good work Marks and Spencer for getting in there first.

marks and spencer halloween

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