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Halloween String Dolls

halloween my string dolls So, you’re looking for a Halloween gift for someone that stands out. Something that is hand made, has that element of thought to it (not just a plastic bloody knife) and above all, gets that balance of scary and cute just right.
Well, have you heard about string dolls? Well I hadn’t, until I found a cool site that sells them. And guess what, they have special Halloween dolls! Woohooo!

String dolls?

I did a bit of reading and these string dolls are supposed to be lucky as well as make a nice ornament or mr revenge jason string dollplay-thing. They also make cool accessories or mascots should you need one. My thoughts are that they would look great in a big scene/display for Halloween night. Think of it as one of those nativity scene models, but for Halloween instead of Christmas.

There are all kinds of characters there, and all very reasonably priced (pick one up for under £5) but I’m only going to be interested in the horror inspired ones right? And there are plenty to choose from.
There’s Freddy (inspired), Pinhead (inspired) and even Chucky (inspired) dolls. And they all have really nice details.
My personal favourite – and right up there on my rapidly growing Halloween shopping list – is Mr Revenge (pictured) with his hockey mask and severed head.

Definitely worth looking at if you want a unique Halloween item.

witch string doll

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