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Halloween sounds

Halloween sounds With Halloween falling on a Saturday this year, even more people than usual will be making efforts to celebrate it. You can bet that there will be more house parties, and every house party needs music.
However, it’s not always easy to find the perfect sound-track to such a horrifying time of year. Thankfully, we at Halloweenerrific have taken the trouble of finding you some excellent ideas for CD’s to buy and play. All guaranteed to get the party moving.

Halloween sounds

The Halloween Party Album

This disc features lots of great tracks, suitable for any Halloween get together. Ultimate Halloween party albumHowever, the tunes are in fact cover versions of the classics, so might not be to everyone’s tastes (I didn’t like it at first), but after a while, I forgot all that and quite enjoyed it.
It’s great that they have even included some themes from old childrens TV programmes like Duckula and Rent-a-ghost. Gives a little something different.
Plus, there is a second disc of spooky sounds which is perfect for a bit of background atmosphere when the dancing has ended.

And all for just £3.99!! An excellent bargain and great fun.

Buy it here:

100 Halloween Hits

Okay, so maybe you don’t just want to dance, maybe you want to sing too? Well, 100 Hits Halloween soundswhat’s better than a bit of Halloween Karaoke to really get the dogs howling?
The compilation contains most of your classic, creepy favourites (Ghostbusters, Monster Mash etc) but also lots of great scary movie themes such as those from Amityville, the Exorcist and the Omen.
PLUS, you add the sing-along factor with the DVD which (I’m guessing) has the video and the bouncing ball lyrics.
More of a party event than party music!

Get it here for just £6.99:

Pooh’s Halloween Songs

Okay, so what if you’re planning a kiddies party (before you have your own adult one of course), and you don’t want to freak them out with disturbing noises and that really creepy Poohs halloween songsVincent Price bit in ‘Thriller’.
Best thing to do is get Winnie the Pooh’s Halloween songs. That way they can sing along with Pooh as he ponders ‘which witch is which?’ and the werewaolf song without crying uncontrolably.
There are even a few spooky sounds thrown in, and it’s all great fun. Encouraging the kids to join in with the singing and playing. Guaranteed to get those toddlers moving!

Again, it’s available at a bargain price of just £3.99 in the UK, so it’s well worth checking out.

Buy it here:

Halloween Hits

So, you want the hits. You’re planning a party and you want some tracks to dance to. Maybe you’re also into (or old enough to remember) the 80’s classics.halloween hits
Rockwells Somebody’s watching me; A nightmare on My Street by Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince; Feed my Frankenstein by Alice Cooper… All sound good in a retro cool kind of way?
In that case, this is the album for you.
Enjoy some of the timeless haunting hits on the dancefloot whilst at the time reminiscing about your youth. It’s guaranteed to get everyone off their seats. Even Grandma.
As Halloween is on a Saturday this year, you’d be silly not to be prepared and buy this one.

Buy it for just £4.99 here:

The Essential John Carpenter Film Music Collection

Where would we be without John Carpenter? No ‘Halloween’ movies, no ‘The Fog’, no ‘Prince of Darkness’. And in addition to the films, we’d be withoutJohn Carpenter most of the spooky theme tunes that we has responsible for.
For this reason, every Halloween gathering needs a piece of John Carpenter present, and what better way to have him there than play his tunes.
I have The Fog soundtrack, and it’s one of my favourite little atmospheric cd’s to play on All Hallows night. With this compilation album, you get to enjoy hits from many more of his movies, including the haunting ‘Christine’, and the terrifying remake of ‘The Thing’.
A good addition to any horror enthusiasts music collection, but also a great addition to the Halloween playlist. A little more expensive than the others, but true quality through and through.

Buy it here:

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