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Halloween pinatas

Okay, so pinatas aren’t really a European thing. In fact they’re a South American thing. But who doesn’t like the idea of smashing something with a stick until loads of sweets and treats fall out?
And how about when that thing is designed with Halloween parties in mind?!

Great isn’t it? I love this sharing of traditions. I know that a lot of people do like to keep to the old methods of celebration, but pinatas are excellent for parties.

Halloween pinatas

If you don’t know much about them, they’re huge, hollow paper mache objects. You fill them with sweets and then take turns to smash them open with a stick. Oh, and the catch being that you have to wear a blindfold when doing it.
There is obviously a lot of scope for injury and destruction of household objects, but what’s Halloween without a bit of danger eh?

I found a cool web-page explaining everything you need to know, and giving some good example Halloween pinatas for you to look at.
They do sell them in the UK and across Europe (as well as the Americas, obviously), so you should be able to find them wherever you are.
You could even make your own. That would probably be more fun wouldn’t it?

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